Varidesk – 4 Models Reviewed

Varidesk Single

The Highlights Varidesk Pro Plus Varidesk Single Plus Varidesk Pro Varidesk Single Check Price Varidesk Pro Plus Varidesk Pro Plus Dual Monitor Work Surface – 36″x27″ Keyboard tray Can hold up to 35lbs Weighs 52.5lbs Varidesk has done some good work in the ergonomics department with the Plus models, as the keyboard is on a […]

Standing Desk Converter

Varidesk Single Plus

Comparison Table Edit Image What you need to know Price Ergotron WorkFit-S Dual/Single Monitor Mounts to the front of the desk Can use a grommet for mounting This is the best of the bunch. You will really like the fact that you have the ability to adjust the height of the keyboard and monitor separately […]

Counter Height Desk

MUV Stand-Up Desk

There have been a lot of changes to office culture and workplace dynamics over the last few decades, most of which have been designed and implemented to improve the environment. While environmental consciousness (aka “going green”) is a great philosophy and plan of action, comparatively little attention has been paid to human improvement. Tradition ruled, […]

Under Desk Treadmill

LifeSpan TR1200-DT3

Getting enough daily exercise is extremely important. Exercise has all sorts of wonderful benefits. A good exercise plan will help keep you trim and fit, burn calories and can increase your metabolism allowing you eat more and yet still stay slim. Daily exercise can also help you reduce your risk of certain awful diseases such […]

Geekdesk Review


Sitting for hours – and indeed, cumulative days and weeks and years – on end at a desk is ruinous to one’s health and happiness. Work must be done to live in modern society, it’s true, but the trouble is that unlike ages past, the modern world’s work tends toward sedentary, unmoving drudgery. Geekdesk, however, […]

VertDesk – Written Review

VertDesk - Maple Top

The VertDesk Video Review can be found here: VertDesk Vertdesk – Overview The Vertdesk is made by Beyond The Office Door that prides itself on quality and ease of use. It shows in the products they make, and the eponymous Vertdesk is no exception. Mounted on a steel frame with a crossbar specifically designed to […]

VertDesk – Video Review

VertDesk - Maple Top

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have clued into what moms and motivational speakers have been saying for decades – modern, twenty-first century workplace culture is a disaster. No, it isn’t because of bad bosses or the lack of “casual Fridays”. Rather, it’s something much more pernicious for its apparent harmlessness. After all, what could […]

Adjustable Height Desk

VertDesk - Adjustable-Height Desk

There are lots of reasons to start using standing desks. When compared to traditional seated desks, standing setups generate increased productivity as a result of improved health, they take up less space, and some studies say they can even help their users lose a few extra pounds! Still, there’s one potential problem with this type […]

Proper Height For Standing Desks

How to measure the proper height for a Standing Desk.

Now that you are up and running it is essential to determine the correct height of your standing desk in order to maintain the best posture possible. It would be of little essence to use a Standing Desk should you be slumped into it straining your back, or straining up to reach it, so here […]

Standing Desk Weight Loss

Woman who has lost weight using a Standing Desk.

One of the main disadvantages of working in an enclosed office space is that you will invariably be able to pinch a few extra inches more at the end of each working month. The office environment is hardly conducive to shedding calories – although maybe if you type fast enough a sweat of sorts may […]

Treadmill Desk Reviews

LifeSpan TR1200-DT7

Mothers have been passing down warnings to maintain good posture from generation to generation since time beyond remembrance, but with the advent of modern medicine, things have progressed even further. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners have taken up the call, warning one and all that a life of long-term stagnation is ruinous to one’s […]

Standing Desk Chair

Flash Furniture Chrome Drafting Stool

Image Chair Rating Price Safco Metro Extended-Height Chair Check Price Boss Caresoft Medical/Drafting stool Check Price Flash Furniture’s Chrome Drafting Stool with Tractor Seat Check Price Muvman Sit/Stand Stool Check Price We know that working at a standing desk leaves us with more energy at the end of the day. We know the increased activity […]

Ergotron WorkFit Reviews

Ergotron WorkFit-A

The WorkFit line, from Ergotron is a product line of standing desk converters that allow the ability to stand and work.  When one thinks of overtly strenuous occupations, sedentary forms of work that involve a lot of computer-based activity are probably the last entries on their list. After all, how difficult and taxing can typing really be? […]

Standing Desk Benefits

Woman holding an apple showing how healthy using a Standing Desk is.

Are Standing Desks Really Good For You? Work, as we all know, is necessary. If we’re lucky and dedicated, it can sometimes even be rewarding. Still, it’s past time we admitted what we all know to be true: When it comes to our physical and psychological health, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. […]

Taskmate EZ 6400 Review

Image of the Taskmate EZ 6400

Overview Standing Desks are all the rage right now, and many vendors are coming out with unique and innovative designs to help you stand and work. One of the newest is the Taskmate EZ 6400 from The Taskmate EZ is a desktop riser, meaning that it is designed to sit on top of your […]

Invest In a Standing Desk Mat, Your Feet Will Thank You!

Penguins transitioning from belly to standing shows how easy transitioning to a Standing Desk can be.

Finding the Right Standing Desk Mat The solution to those aching feet may lie in finding the right mat. A Standing desk mat will allow you to keep working at your adjustable height desk for longer, but choosing the right mat is important. You need a mat that gives comfort but is not so soft […]

Standing Desk Pros and Cons

Standing desks are a great and healthy way to work. Several reliable sources state how unhealthy it is to remain seated at a desk or computer all day. It doesn’t matter if you work out for three hours every day of the week or jog three miles every morning, if you remain seated for the […]

Treadmill Desks – The Ultimate Guide

Woman working at a treadmill desk.

 Why Get A Treadmill Desk? Many of us have felt the odd sensation of being exhausted from sitting down all day. The neck muscles get stiff, arms tired, legs cramping, and a strange lethargy seem to emanate from every part of the body causing a general feel of sleepiness. If you work in an office […]

DIY Treadmill Desk using Ikea parts

diy treadmill desk ikea

Many people like the idea of losing almost sixty pounds in a year by making a treadmill desk. According to author Hanne Blank, (“The Unapologetic Fat Girl’s Guide to Exercise”) the treadmill desk was the brainchild of Dr. John Levine at Mayo Clinic. The treadmill desk enables those with a lower level of functional fitness […]

Just Build IT – DIY Treadmill Desk

Drill for building a treadmill desk

The number one resolution that we all pledge either privately or publicly is to improve our health this year. We want to lose weight be healthier and be more productive. We make this as our goal, but get frustrated with the logistics of how to make this happen. The most concise and proven method to […]

Standing Laptop Desks

woman standing at laptop desk

Why Get a Standing Laptop Desk? In the past few years, there has been a growing trend across offices and businesses everywhere to use laptops and computers that allow you to stand. The main reason driving this change is that it is much healthier for you to use a standing laptop desk than to sit […]

Stand Up Computer Workstation


For years, study has shown that the act of sitting is not only counterintuitive to the human physiology, but that it can also cause an array of prolonged health issues. As a common experience, sitting for hours at a time is dreary work. It causes irritation, a lost of interest and a mind that can […]

Relieve Back Pain

A man with back pain who should use a Standing Desk.

Sitting at a conventional work space on a daily basis can not only be detrimental to your physical health in terms of weight gain and lack of circulation but there is also a likelihood that it may have negative effects on your back and general posterior; and where’s the fun in staggering around the office […]

Live Longer With A Standing Desk

Longer life is a great "side-effect" of a Standing Desk.

Standing Desks have myriad attributes. For one they are able assist their users by alleviating current back ailments and preventing future back or posture problems. They also are conducive to weight loss and an improved caloric burn. These two factors, among others, gather together to award us with the Holy Grail of all prosperity – a longer life! It […]

Standing Desk For Lower Risk Of Heart Attacks

Man sitting at a desk having a heart attack.

Heart disease and other related problems are generally incited, excluding external factors such as smoking and alcohol abuse, by obesity, poor blood circulation and a lack of exercise and basic movement. When faced with a 5 day working week which invariably features little else than you, your workstation and your good old friend the coffee […]

Improved Circulation With A Standing Desk

Stand up and stop pinching off your veins letting your blood flow freely to your vital organs

In all honesty, working in an office environment has never been conducive to maintaining good health as you go about the daily grind of grafting for your monthly paycheck. While you are somewhat confined to your little work space up on the 14th floor somewhere within the urban chaos of the city, you can’t help […]

Increased Energy With A Standing Desk

Standing Desk can prevent you from needing that afternoon boost of caffeine.

To set the scene you’ve been sitting down doing nothing all day. Absolutely nothing apart from lazily flicking through the 100 plus channels on your new cable T.V. package and spooning liberal amounts of junk food into the cement mixer which also cunningly doubles as your mouth – a quite brilliant disguise. Now due to […]

Increased Productivity With A Standing Desk

A sign with the word productivity written on it emphasizing that Standing Desks help a person become more productive.

Back in ancient Egypt when the pyramids were under construction, although there were at that point no such beasts as high-rise office blocks, you didn’t tend to see the laborers sit down at a makeshift desk made of stone and high-density chunks of dessert, mulling over where they should put the next block. Going a […]

Increased Brain Power With A Standing Desk

A brain with gears image depicting how Standing Desks allow your brain to work better.

How long have you been working in your current office now? Two? Three? Five years? And I’m betting, and I’m generally not the kind of person that takes too many risks with money, that as you read this article your buttocks are nestled comfortably in the craters that you have carved out in your faithful […]

Better Posture With A Standing Desk

Standing Desks improve your back and leg strength making your posture better.

Ouch! My back! Comes a cry from one of your esteemed work colleagues. But sympathy cannot be sought here. Time and time again you have tried to explain that how sitting day after day, month after month, and year after year is never going to do your back or posture any favors. As you stand […]

Disadvantages Of Standing Desks

A list of disadvantages to using a Standing Desk

Although it has already been stated that the Standing Desk has myriad benefits and attributes concerning its users physiological and psychological well being, there are also a handful of factors which can be considered to be detrimental. It has already been established that while standing, one maintains a healthy posture and in turn a strengthened […]

History Of Standing Desks

The history of Standing Desks include such figures as Winston Churchill and Thomas Jefferson

Since the dawn of mankind, human beings have usually produced their best constructive and intellectual efforts whilst maintaining an upright gait. You wouldn’t have for example seen a caveman engrossed in one of his hut illustrations whilst nestled into a makeshift bench – no, said Neanderthal would’ve been stood bolt upright using his custom designed […]

Famous People With Standing Desks

Famous Standing Desk users.

Many of the great minds and thinkers have been inspired to pen their finest pieces or make ground shattering decisions whilst utilizing a Standing Desk. Indeed while slumped into a conventional workstation, one might find it slightly harder to become motivated enough to initiate that ‘Eureka’ moment as you sit engrossed in an unproductive game […]

Common Misconceptions

Standing Desks are fairly simple, but getting the correct information can be difficult

While slumped into your conventional sitting desk generally not doing a great deal bar occasionally updating your Facebook status or trying to beat your personal best score at solitaire, you muse that there must surely be a way in which you can tackle your daily tasks with tad more productivity and zest to your proverbial […]

DIY Standing Desk

Measuring wood in order to build your own Standing Desk

So you’ve eventually, after summarizing all the standing desk benefits in store for you, you have decided to make the wise transition and start using one. I am sure that you examined the array of standing desk converters, but didn’t find one that fit your budget or maybe even your style. Rather than visiting your […]

How To Convert Your Desk To A Standing Desk

Using ordinary objects you have around you to turn your desk into a Standing Desk

So you have a conventional desk that you are perfectly happy with. You’ve been together for years and have sworn a solemn oath of until death do us part. But since having read about all the benefits of a standing desk, and attributes that a Standing Desk has to offer, you have decided unequivocally to make the transition […]

Standing Desk Prices

Price tag shows that Standing Desk prices vary depending on quality and features.

When you weigh up the pros and cons of the possibility of switching from your workaday sitting workstation to a Standing desk, you find that the advantages of using one unequivocally override the disadvantages. From back pain relief and polished posture to improved productivity and general health and wealth, you surmise that the transition should, […]

Adjusting To A Standing Desk

A woman frustrated from her normal desk and is ready to try a Standing Desk

Congratulations! You have made a simply splendid decision! You have done your homework and come to the conclusion that a Standing Desk is the way forward for you, your physical and mental health and your blossoming career. You have decided to grab a standing desk converter, or an adjustable height standing desk, or built one […]

The Best Standing Desk Accessories

A woman holding an anti-fatigue mat that she uses with her Standing Desk.

Once you have chosen to use a Standing Desk, picked out the right model for you, built one yourself or even modified your original desk, it is of paramount importance that you give your legs and feet the comfort they so rightly deserve. They are of course doing you a great justice by standing, from […]