Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks

This site is dedicated to Not Sitting while working. Read about why sitting is bad for you, then check out the articles on Standing Desks or Treadmill Desks.

  • Common Misconceptions

    While slumped into your conventional sitting desk generally not doing a great deal bar occasionally updating your Facebook status or trying to beat your personal best score at solitaire, you muse that there must surely be a way in which you can tackle your daily tasks with tad more productivity and zest to your proverbial… Continue Reading

    Common Misconceptions
  • Standing Desk Weight Loss

    One of the main disadvantages of working in an enclosed office space is that you will invariably be able to pinch a few extra inches more at the end of each working month. The office environment is hardly conducive to shedding calories – although maybe if you type fast enough a sweat of sorts may… Continue Reading

    Standing Desk Weight Loss
  • Increased Energy With A Standing Desk

    To set the scene you’ve been sitting down doing nothing all day. Absolutely nothing apart from lazily flicking through the 100 plus channels on your new cable T.V. package and spooning liberal amounts of junk food into the cement mixer which also cunningly doubles as your mouth – a quite brilliant disguise. Now due to… Continue Reading

    Increased Energy With A Standing Desk
  • Adjusting To A Standing Desk

    Congratulations! You have made a simply splendid decision! You have done your homework and come to the conclusion that a Standing Desk is the way forward for you, your physical and mental health and your blossoming career. You have been to the hardware store and bought all the items necessary in order to construct your… Continue Reading

    Adjusting To A Standing Desk
  • Relieve Back Pain

    Sitting at a conventional work space on a daily basis can not only be detrimental to your physical health in terms of weight gain and lack of circulation but there is also a likelihood that it may have negative effects on your back and general posterior; and where’s the fun in staggering around the office… Continue Reading

    Relieve Back Pain

Why Sitting Is Bad

An ominous picture of a chair depicting how sitting is bad for your health.

There are many detrimental effects of sitting down for long periods of time and if your chosen vocation revolves around an office environment then you will soon learn that your chair is literally killing you.

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Standing Desks

Standing Desks

The notion of standing whilst working in an office is probably alien to most. Having been sat at old faithful for year after backside ballooning year, you will probably find it quite hard to muster the vision of using a Standing Desk day in day out...

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Treadmill Desks

Woman working at a treadmill desk.

Treadmill Desks are a great way to keep moving while working. They have all the health benefits of Standing Desks, along with fewer disadvantages. --Information still to come to this section.

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