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StandStand Grand Overview


I’m someone who likes to work in many different places throughout the week. Sometimes I’ll be at my office. Other’s I’ll be outside or at a park. I work from coffee shops and friends houses. I’m also someone who likes to move and change positions while I work. So, my challenge is to find a […]

Switch Stance Portable Sit-Stand Desk Review

Switch Stance Sit Stand Desk Cardboard

The Switch Stance portable sitting or standing desk addition is a clever, lightweight, and very portable solution for making your desk more ergonomic. The Switch Stance was first offered on Kickstarter and was successfully funded in 2016. My experience with the desk has been great and later I provide some information on what I like, don’t […]

A Review of the Stand Steady Folding Stand-Up Desk

Traveler Folding Stand Up Desk

Standing desks being the hot commodity that they are, you can find one in just about any shape and size you choose. The trouble is, the landscape is beset by what I’ve begun to call ‘Model T Syndrome’. See, legend has it that Henry Ford used to tell prospective customers that they could get one […]

Five High-End Standing Desks to Put the Snazzy Back in Your Standing Workflow


Standing desks are hugely popular. A year or two ago, no one other than eccentrics (and perhaps a few college professors with a literary bent) had ever heard of them, but now they’re everywhere! Schools, offices, even military bases. The power of social proof coupled with scientifically verifiable health benefits has skyrocketed the fame and […]

Review of the Techni Mobili MDF Computer Cart

Techni Mobili Multifunction Computer Cart

See larger image Mobile & Compact Complete Computer Workstation Desk. Color: Graphite New From: $53.99 USD In Stock With their cavalcade of health benefits, productivity boosts, and general well-being elevators, standing desks have taken the working community by storm. Of course, you know that already – you’re reading this blog for a reason, after all! […]

A Review of the Jarvis Standing Desk

Jarvis Standing Desk

This week, I’ve got a standing desk review for you guys that I think you’ll really enjoy. This blog post is all about the Jarvis Sit / Stand Desk, a very snazzy, very popular model from the folks over at the Ergo Depot. You guys know how these reviews work by now, so enough chitchat […]

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5 Tips for Standing Desk Noobs


Standing desks are awesome. By contrast, a workflow centered around sitting all day is bad for you and for the business that employs you. If you’re reading this blog, though, you don’t need me to convince you of that. You also don’t have to take my word for it and hope I’m telling the truth […]

Cheap Standing Desks


Hey guys! It’s sweltering outside, and summertime means only one thing: Vacation! Of course, you won’t be going anywhere if you spend all your money on a desk, which is why this week’s blog is all about saving you money. Standing desks being the raging success that they’ve become, everyone wants one. Government agencies, schools, […]

TaskMate Executive 6100 Review

TaskMate Executive 6100

Standing desks are wildly popular these days, with every new dawn seemingly a chance for someone to produce a new desk or accessory. Some of them are hits and some of them are best described as valiant but misguided efforts, and it’s often not clear which is which until after these products have been used. […]

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Creating a Desk Gym

Under Desk Bicycle

Hey gang, what’s up? I hope you’ve all had a great week – it’s finally starting to get warm and sunny on a regular basis now, and I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to make me walk around with a permanent smile on my face. Maybe it’s just me, but after being cooped […]

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