Under Desk Treadmill

LifeSpan TR1200-DT3

Getting enough daily exercise is extremely important. Exercise has all sorts of wonderful benefits. A good exercise plan will help keep you trim and fit, burn calories and can increase your metabolism allowing you eat more and yet still stay slim. Daily exercise can also help you reduce your risk of certain awful diseases such […]

Geekdesk Review


Sitting for hours – and indeed, cumulative days and weeks and years – on end at a desk is ruinous to one’s health and happiness. Work must be done to live in modern society, it’s true, but the trouble is that unlike ages past, the modern world’s work tends toward sedentary, unmoving drudgery. Geekdesk, however, […]

VertDesk – Written Review

VertDesk - Maple Top

The VertDesk Video Review can be found here: VertDesk Vertdesk – Overview The Vertdesk is made by Beyond The Office Door that prides itself on quality and ease of use. It shows in the products they make, and the eponymous Vertdesk is no exception. Mounted on a steel frame with a crossbar specifically designed to […]

VertDesk – Video Review

VertDesk - Maple Top

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have clued into what moms and motivational speakers have been saying for decades – modern, twenty-first century workplace culture is a disaster. No, it isn’t because of bad bosses or the lack of “casual Fridays”. Rather, it’s something much more pernicious for its apparent harmlessness. After all, what could […]

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