Counter Height Desk

There have been a lot of changes to office culture and workplace dynamics over the last few decades, most of which have been designed and implemented to improve the environment. While environmental consciousness (aka “going green”) is a great philosophy and plan of action, comparatively little attention has been paid to human improvement. Tradition ruled, and it seemed that it would always be so – until the first counter height desks began to appear. Counter height desks, or standing desks as they are more popularly known, are innovative office tools that allow the user to perform all their usual desk-based duties with one major twist: the user can stand up if they feel like it. They can even move around a little if the mood strikes them, all while getting their work done at a comparable (or in some cases, superior) pace.

While the benefits and uses for standing desks are available for review in other areas of this website, they’re worth glancing at here just in case this review article is the first thing readers see on the site. So, quickly, why do people use standing / counter height desks? Well, first of all, they’re a lot more fun than traditional desks! Sitting in one place for thousands of hours a year can be a real drag! Second, the extended height these desks can be used at seem to be the optimal working height for most people, resulting in increased output and productivity. Finally, the health benefits of simply standing up during one’s workday are vast. Here are just a couple of them:

  • Weight loss (really!) and the elimination of sedentary aches and pains
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced instances of DVT, PAD, stroke, heart disease / attack, and other diseases related to a sedentary or otherwise unhealthy lifestyle.

There are more, but as stated above, a more in depth health assessment can be found on other pages within this web site. For now, it’s time to check out some reviews! Keep reading to find the best counter height desk for you!

MUV Adjustable-Height Computer Station

MUV Adjustable-Height Desk
MUV Stand-Up Desk

The Muv, despite its rather odd name, is a nice entry-level counter height desk for both home and office use. Made by the Safco corporation, novices and veterans alike will find using this desk to be simple and fun.


  • One inch height adjustments make the Muv almost infinitely adjustable within its range – thirty-five to forty-nine inches
  • Constructed of an attractive combination: Powder-coated steel and cherry laminate
  • Built-in cable management makes it a snap to keep your work area tidy and safe.
  • Very sturdy
  • Good weight capacity – 100 lbs. on the desk, 25 lbs. on the keyboard tray


  • While not tiny, some users may feel the desk / work surface is too small for their needs
  • Keyboard tray adjustment is tied to desk height, limiting work positions and freedom of mobility
  • Made in Taiwan, which may deter followers of the “Buy American” movement

Ergonomic Stand-up Computer Work Station

Ergonomic Stand-Up Computer Workstation
Ergonomic Stand-up Computer Work Station

Another easy to use counter height desk solution is this ergonomics-focused model from the Stand Up Desk Store. Pros and cons of the unit follow.


  • Attractive steel / walnut laminate construction
  • Designed with user comfort and ergonomics in mind
  • Mounted on wheels (with included locking mechanism) for ease of movement
  • Fully adjustable to a maximum height of thirty-two inches (in one inch increments)


  • No independent adjustment – shelves and work surface are tied to one another in this regard
  • No integrated cable management system
  • The desk / work surface can protrude a bit far out, impeding monitor visibility and workflow for the near-sighted or those who simply like a compact work area
  • Not easily modifiable

Rebel Adjustable Height Desk

Rebel Desk - Adjustable Height Computer Desk
Rebel Desk

Perhaps the best-known item of the three reviewed here, this adjustable height workstation from Rebel Desk is quite popular, and for good reason. Keep reading to learn more.


  • Rebel Desk is a well-known company in the standing desk community, which lends a measure of brand recognition and trust to this unit
  • Easy crank operation and a variable height from twenty-eight to forty-eight inches
  • Integrated electrical charging ports, cable management, and organizer shelves / trays
  • Stable, spacious work surface
  • Generous load-bearing limits: 300 lbs. stationary & 100 lbs. when in motion
  • 30 day no questions asked return policy
  • Attractive steel / teak construction


  • No integrated keyboard tray – all work must be done on the table / desktop
  • The same solidity (and a lack of wheels) that makes it so stable translates to virtually zero room-to-room mobility
  • Treadmill support is limited to Rebel products unless users really know what they’re doing in terms of third-party product selection
  • Made in the USA / Foreign made status is unclear


Counter height desks are the perfect piece of furniture to increase your productivity, reduce the harmful effects of traditional desk use, and generally make work a more pleasant experience. Thanks to this handy review guide, readers looking for their own standing / counter height desk now have three great options to pick from. All that’s left to do now is buy one. Happy hunting!

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