DIY Standing Desk

So you’ve eventually, after summarizing all the standing desk benefits in store for you, you have decided to make the wise transition and start using one.

I am sure that you examined the array of standing desk converters, but didn’t find one that fit your budget or maybe even your style.

Rather than visiting your local furniture store and parting with vast sums of your hard earned currency for a ready-made Standing Desk, you have decided to focus your versatile abilities and go about creating it yourself – it’s incredibly easy and you’ll find that after making it with your own hands, your bond with the desk will be heightened and you’ll enjoy hours and hours of creative time with her, or him – giving your new Standing Desk a name may sound a tad weird, but to say you’re just about to mount ol’ Betsy and slog out a few hours of hard work on her, will have your colleagues in a state of jealous confusion.

Measuring wood in order to build your own Standing Desk
Would you rather build your own Standing Desk? Here is how

Building your own Standing Desk is extremely economically viable. It will of course demand a trip to your local hardware store where you’ll have to carefully select but a few items in order to create your masterpiece.

IKEA Standing Desk

To build a Standing Desk for less than $25 you’ll need to firstly locate an IKEA and an assistant and ask him to point you in the right direction of a lack side table. This should cost you no more than $9.99. Once this has been procured you can then go on to inquire into the whereabouts of a viktor shelf which will see you part with no more than $5.99 of your hard earned salary. After these two items are safely ensconced in your shopping cart you can further continue to ask into the location of an Ekby Valter bracket, of which you will require two. These brackets which will serve to give your Standing Desk the necessary height will see you rid your wallet of a mere $8 for the pair. If you don’t have screws and a screwdriver nestled and collecting all sorts of dust in your garage you must also go about purchasing a box of phillips screws and in turn a phillips screwdriver. Once this transaction is complete you are then ready to have a friendly member of staff load the items into your car and off you go, ready to construct your new Standing Desk.

A summary of the items required to build a Standing Desk for less than $25 follows thus:

  • Lack side table – $7.99
  • Viktor shelf – $5.99
  • Ekby Valter bracket x2 – $8
  • Phillips screws – .99
  • Phillips screwdriver 1.99

And there you have it; an economically sound way of creating your first Standing Desk.

Building A Desk From Scratch

If, however, you are willing to spend a little more to create your new Standing Desk – as much as a whole 15 whopping dollars more, in fact, you could opt for the for the following method of creation.

Once again you find yourself in among the highly populated hardware establishment in search of an assistant who looks like he may have been educated beyond the realms of junior high school and with your shopping cart at the ready, tell him that the first port of call on your shopping list is to locate the whereabouts of a heavy duty 19 inch shelf bracket. You will require two of these and they are apparently able to support loads of up to 1000 pounds if secured properly. Now that’s peace of mind if there ever was any – you can stand proud at your new Standing Desk without having to suffer the anxiety that your computer monitor won’t crash through your new workstation and end up in a series of electronic bits and pieces , wires splaying out of every available crevice on the floor. So these brackets will surely give your new workstation absolute security.

The next item on your shopping list comes in the form of a Desktop surface. Now it is entirely dependent on your specific needs and requirements as to which size you opt for, but lengths generally weigh in at a very reasonable $3-$4 per foot. So conventionally you are probably looking at some 4 foot length, although if you have a larger range of office equipment which you require storing you can obviously buy according to your desires. A 4 foot desktop surface will generally cost around $16 in any given hardware store.

The final item of the list is Screws and of course a screwdriver should you not already own one. Pick out 6 larger screw, about 2.5 inches, in order to attach the brackets to the wall and then another 6 smaller ones to fix the brackets to the desktop surface (these should obviously be shorter than the thickness of the desktop).

You are then once again ready to have your items packed into the trunk of your vehicle and drive away ready to create your new Standing Desk and in turn a greater quality of living – all for a mere $40.

Image: Flickr / Mark Hunter