How To Convert Your Desk To A Standing Desk

So you have a conventional desk that you are perfectly happy with. You’ve been together for years and have sworn a solemn oath of until death do us part. But since having read about all the benefits of a standing desk, and attributes that a Standing Desk has to offer, you have decided unequivocally to make the transition post haste – but getting rid of your partner in office environment crime is simply not an option.

Nil desparandum, young office employee, for there are a number of ways in which you are able to convert old faithful here into a brand new Standing Desk.

Using ordinary objects you have around you to turn your desk into a Standing Desk
Use items you have already to transform your desk into a Standing Desk

Raise The Keyboard/Mouse and Monitors

The easiest way of doing this is to use a standing desk converter.  Maybe even one of the Ergotron WorkFit models. These devices simply sit on your desk, or attach to the desk and allow you to raise and lower the monitor/keyboard.

Of course you can always hack together something by simply placing something on top of or under your current desk to give your computer, mouse and monitor the height you require it to be at. While totally valid as well as being extremely cost effective it does lack the ability to adjust.  It is kinda’ set it and forget it.

Any office paraphernalia can be used to place on top of your desk to give it that extra bit of elevation. This would probably be the easiest solution as you won’t need to find any particularly robust items that would need to support the entire weight of the actual desk itself.

Take a little time to scout around the office in order to locate suitable items which you may be able to use to add some loft to your workstation. You certainly won’t need to look very far as there are myriad workaday office products that can be used to fulfill this task.

Firstly, take a quick look to your left – and what can you see? A selection of old books gathering dusts perhaps? In which case, why not use these? Simply stack them on your old desk and position your keyboard, computer and monitor onto them accordingly. Simple, easy and totally free!

Other items available to increase the height of your desk could vary from old boxes, to low tables and shelves, or even some car jacks. The possibilities are endless and you’ll soon find yourself standing proudly at your homemade Standing Desk.

The only drawback to this method of conversion is that you may find you encounter problems concerning stability.

It is of paramount importance that whatever you choose to place on top of your desk is robust, sturdy and not liable to collapse at any given moment – it just wouldn’t do to have your computer monitor crash to the floor and combust into a vibrant selection of a million little pieces. You may also find that your work space is limited, so choosing larger objects to place on the desk would be a good idea. However, if your workstation is merely limited to a laptop and your omnipresent mug of Nescafe, you should be OK! If of course you don’t wish to tarnish the surface of your beloved desk, then another option would be to elevate it from underneath.

Raise The Whole Desk

Once again you find yourself on a scavenging mission throughout the workplace in order to locate a selection of items which would give your conventional desk the necessary boost it requires to become a Standing Desk. Once again there are countless objects that can be applied for this task and your hunt will not be a lengthy affair.

Things which you might consider place under the legs of your desk could come in the way of:

  • Blocks of wood
  • Milk crates
  • Chairs
  • Reams of paper
  • Robust boxes
  • End tables
  • Bed risers

These are just a few of the many objects you could use to raise your desk from underneath. Just simply place your chosen items under each of the desk legs and Hey Presto! You have converted your old sitting desk into a Standing Desk with the absolute minimum fuss.

This method, as previously mentioned, will in no way tarnish the work surface of your desk and also allow easier access to draws and shelves.

There are however several disadvantages to this particular way of elevating your desk. You will find it harder to alternate between sitting and standing and the objects required to raise the desk will have to be extremely sturdy and robust and your desk may not actually contain any legs in which case you’ll have to find other suitable objects to prop it up.

All things considered, converting your conventional desk to a standing affair is quick, simple and most importantly, free!

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