Balance Board Comparison Review


Working out on a balance board gives you a unique opportunity to train your core and strengthen it. It involves making use of often neglected muscles, which means your core is well developed overall and the chances of sustaining an injury are low. In this balance board comparison review, we are going to review some of the best balance boards available in the market and see how they rack up against each other.


Our first product is the super popular INDO Board. The product has been a market favorite since its introduction in 1998. It helps workout your core muscles, improve your agility and speed up your neuromuscular response. This means that not only is training on INDO Board helpful for snowboarding, skiing or wake surfing, but it is also useful in football, MMA, lacrosse, etc. Using this board, you can work out your upper and lower body, strengthen your muscles to make them more resistant to succumbing injuring and rehabilitate from existing injuries.

The company has also introduced its INDOFlo balance cushion, which can replace the roller under the original board. This means that people from all age brackets and physical backgrounds can start working on it.

INDO Board has been recognized by Olympic and national champions in several sports.

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

The Revolution 101 comes as a two piece set, with a board and a roller. It aims to bring an improvement in your balance and body control, while you have some fun trying to wobble yourself on the board. The 101 is an American product and has an 11-ply hard wood construction, with a gripped platform for you to find stability, with or without shoes.

The board is lightweight but super durable and can be used by beginners, intermediate and advanced users. It leaves no tracks or skids on the surface, nor does it produce any sound or creek while being worked on.

The 101 allows you to condition your muscles and improve your stability, which is important for fitness, yoga and, of course, board related sports.

Revolution FIT 3-in-1

Here we have another product by Revolution. This balance board comes with an extra grip roller, an air cushion and a high density rocker. Hence the name, 3-in-1. You will also find an exercise guide included in the box, which can help you learn about correct postures and variations in the movement.

The 3-in-1 is a great system for blasting your core muscles and gaining new muscles. It focuses on not only strengthening your body, but also working out your mind. This means that not only your physique will improve, there will also be a development in your flexibility, reflexes and recovery time.

The FIT 3-in-1 is an American product, made from the highest quality materials and is recommended to be used for people of all ages and sizes, with a maximum weight limit of 350 pounds.

URBNFit Balance Board

The URBNFit Balance Board is a trending product in the market, especially with its budget friendly pricing.

The balance board is a simple to use equipment, with non-slip gripping on the platform to ensure that you can pull off a variety of exercise moves, without worrying about falling off. It is made from wood and has a hard plastic dome on the bottom.

The board comes with a pdf of a collection exercises designed by accredited personal trainers. This is highly beneficial for the beginners who are just starting out.

URBNFit has an outstanding 100% satisfaction guarantee and states to fix any issue you may have with its balance board.