MojoDesk Solo Desk Product Review

The MojoDesk is a new and interesting product adjustable electric desk that looks great in the office, has a great vertical range, and has some nice accessory options. These desks also come in an “Organic” shape; we love the curved front and back that breaks us out of the boring straight rectangle. Read more for our tips on this desk, what works, and what could be better.

The MojoDesk Solo and Cubicle Corner are available for purchase from MojoDesk. Product Rating: 4.25 / 5

  • Stability – – BIFMA approved
  • Capacity- – 300 pounds
  • Experience –
  • Aesthetics –

We reviewed the MojoDesk Solo in the Cubicle Rectangular shape is a very attractive and well designed adjustable standing desk. The power management and cable management accessories available are some of the more interesting and convenient that we’ve seen straight from a desk manufacturer. And, though the assembly experience is typical for standing desks, now that Varidesk has launched a desk that takes 7 minutes to setup, this desk seems to take forever at our 45 minute assembly time. Overall, MojoDesk is a great desk that looks awesome and fits at home, in the office, or in a cubicle.

Here are the basic stats for this desk:

  • USA-made desk
  • Interesting collision prevention sensor that stops the desk before an impact
  • Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Range: 24 inches to 51 inches
  • Desktop Dimensions: 60 inches wide, 30 inches deep. Other sizes are available
  • Assembly: Typical. After reading the directions, then reading them and following them, the desk was up in 45 to 60 minutes
  • Controller: Up, Down, 4 programming positions
  • Accessories: A variety are available. We went with the power supply and cable chain
  • Leg Finishes: Black, Silver
  • Desktop Finishes: American Oak, Obsidian Oak, Concrete, White, Maple, and Carbon Fiber
  • Desktop Material: 3D Laminate
  • Desk Shapes: Organic Rectangular, Cubicle Rectangular, Organic Corner, Cubicle Corner (also referred to as the L-Shaped)

The “Organic” desk shape has a curved back while the “Cubicle” shape has a straight back.

How To Adjust To The MojoDesk


When starting with an adjustable standing desk for the first time it is critical to take your time and adjust to the desk based on your body. Take the time to

  1. Set a memory positions at proper sitting and standing heights
  2. Take your time by standing a little longer each day

For a Pro guide on setting desk height look at these resources:

If you would like to learn more about switching to standing check out our Making The Switch articles.

Assuming this is your first adjustable standing desk then rest assured you’re going to really enjoy the experience with a MojoDesk. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get an electric desk sooner!

If you need help calculating the ROI on an adjustable desk to present to those who control the budget, here’s a tool for you:

Desk Assembly

The MojoDesk Solo is a straightforward desk to assemble. It comes in two boxes (plus any accessories you purchased with the desk), one which holds the top and one which holds all the leg and support hardware.

The instructions are straightforward to follow and they take you step by step through the process. After having assembled the desk ourselves and scratching our heads a few times we recommend reading the instructions all the way through before you start.

Did you catch that or were you scanning? Read the instructions before assembling the desk.

By following the instructions the first time we expect you’ll have the desk together in 30 to 45 minutes. You will need a large enough space to lay everything out and protect the desktop from scratches, so plan ahead

Using The Accessories

Part of the experience of changing to a new desk is getting everything setup on the new desk. Once the assembly is done you should expect another 45 minutes setting up your space, as with any desk. In the case of the MojoDesk you might take a little longer than that if you purchase some of the accessories.

The on-desk power strip is really convenient and has a MASSIVE power cord. This will save you setup time.

The cable chain (which is plastic) is a really attractive and slick addition to this desk for holding the cables that go from the desktop to the floor. Realize though that routing through the chain takes up a lot of length and you may need longer cables to pull it off. So, this could slow you down a little.

Placing your computer, monitor, and monitor arm will take a typical amount of time and there are no restrictions on placement for any of them.

Do You Recommend This Desk?

Yes, this is a high quality desk with straightforward assembly, a great height range, and a slick design.


MojoDesk provided the furniture used in this review.