Under Desk Treadmill

Getting enough daily exercise is extremely important. Exercise has all sorts of wonderful benefits. A good exercise plan will help keep you trim and fit, burn calories and can increase your metabolism allowing you eat more and yet still stay slim. Daily exercise can also help you reduce your risk of certain awful diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. A great way to do this is to buy or setup an under desk treadmill.

One of the best ways to make sure you get enough exercise is to have a means of exercise readily at hand at all times. If you have a means of exercising within easy reach each day, it will be easier to stick to a daily exercise regime. This is particularly true if you find yourself spending long hours at a desk job. Sitting for long periods of time is not good for your health. Experts recommend that people get up and moving at least every two hours to avoid physical problems.

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Under Desk Treadmill

The under desk treadmill helps solve the problem of working at a desk and still remaining slim and fit. The treadmill can make it easy for you to get exercise each day without the need to run to a gym. The treadmill lets the user exercise as much as they please even while working at a desk. It is portable, handy, easy to use, unobtrusive and allows you to get a workout even while at your desk getting paperwork done or taking calls. If you are in need of a good, low impact workout that will help your body become toned, increase your cardiovascular fitness and stamina and in general make you feel better, the under desk treadmill is an ideal choice for you.

The treadmill has multiple advantages. In the first place, it is easy to set up even if you are not handy. Follow the instructions and you can easily put the parts together. The treadmill fits under most standard desks without creating problems or drawing attention to itself. This item consists of a smooth track that allows the user to walk or run at their own pace as they go about their daily activities. You do not need special shoes to use it. The track has a mechanism that allows you to walk on it and ease in to your routine. You can use this feature to step off gently when you are done and thus avoid the risk of injury from an abrupt start.

The other part of the treadmill is the control panel. The panel rests on your desk. It allows the user to set up the kind of workout that suits their needs. This panel is the key to your workout. Each person who uses the treadmill may create a customized workout with the panel that lets them decide what kind of workout best works for them. Each person can decide how long they want to work out each time they use the machine. They can also set the pace of the treadmill. If you prefer a more leisurely workout because you feel the need for a slow jog, you can set the treadmill to provide that easy to follow pace. If you feel you are in need of a more vigorous workout with a far faster pace, you can also set the treadmill to adopt to your desired pace. The control panel will keep track of important information during your workout. This includes the number of calories you burn as you walk, the overall number of calories you burn during the entire workout, the total distance you’ve covered, your speed per mile and the length of your workout.

Under Desk Treadmill desk by Cory Doctorow on FlickrThe treadmill can store your stats about your daily workout as well as stats about your long term exercise accomplishments. This can help you find out just how well you are meeting your weekly and monthly fitness plans. The panel can also be programmed to keep track of several users. If you share a desk with others or you want to lend the treadmill to a co-worker, it can be easily modified to suit the needs of others as well.

The treadmill has advantages over many other forms of potential in office exercise possibilities. It is quiet, making it easy to conduct business and workout at the same time without being overheard. The treadmill can also be set to slower pace so that you are not out of breath as you talk to others. The treadmill can also be stored very easily when you are conducting business with others in your office. The treadmill also comes in dark colors, making it easy to blend in with other items in your office such as artwork.

An under desk treadmill is also a very safe way to exercise. The treadmill has multiple safety features that make sure the user is in no danger. The electrical components are sheathed in rubber, making sure that even if you spill hot coffee on the machine, no problem is likely to result to the treadmill or to your person. The treadmill cannot go over four miles an hour, thus making sure that you do not strain your heart too much during any given workout. The treadmill is also easy to clean. A simple occasional going over with a clean cloth and some water will keep it in fine working order for many years.

Some workout equipment is hard to use and hard to bring anywhere else. Weight machines are bulky. A stationary bike is heavy. Not so the treadmill. You can easily bring it along with you when you travel for business. Place it on your luggage carrier along with your other luggage and you’re good to exercise anywhere in the world. The treadmill can be set to fit under a desk in your hotel room without problems. Just unpack it and you can get a good workout that is exactly what you wanted even when on the road and away from home or a gym.

The treadmill is also designed for serious long term use. Use it up to ten hours a day and it will still remain in good working condition for many years even decades. The item is highly sturdy. The same cannot be said of some other types of workout items which may easily break even after very little use.

The treadmill is a wonderful addition to any office. It allows you to workout in the privacy of your office while you conduct important business. If you are into fitness, plan to get into shape or just like a good run without dealing with the cold, snow and heat, the treadmill is an excellent choice.

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