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There are lots of reasons to start using standing desks. When compared to traditional seated desks, standing setups generate increased productivity as a result of improved health, they take up less space, and some studies say they can even help their users lose a few extra pounds! Still, there’s one potential problem with this type of desk – their users aren’t carbon copies of one another! Human beings come in all different shapes and sizes, but then again, so do office supplies! Case in point: the adjustable height desk.

Adjustable standing desks are exactly what they sound like. These pieces of office furniture adjust to the height of the user, making it simple to work from a seated position, while standing, or from almost any position in between. As useful as they are, the design and mechanism of these desks can vary, and it can be difficult to make a purchase decision if this is the buyer’s first foray into the world of standing office furniture. Luckily, it’s all pretty simple when you get down to brass tacks; the following reviews will show you several of the best stand up desks on the market, complete with pros and cons. Just keep reading to discover which one is right for you!

ImageWhat you need to knowPrice
Ergotron WorkFit-D
Varidesk ProDesk 60 Electric
  • Range of 25.5 to 50.5 inches
  • Electric desk with quiet motors
  • Weight Capacity of 250 pounds!

A great desk at its price point, the Varidesk ProDesk 60 electric has all the great features you would expect at a higher price desk. Easy setup and included accessories make this a great choice.

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Luxor Electric Desk
Luxor Electric
  • Height adjusts between 45.25″ and 29.5″
  • Generous 59″ x 29.5″ surface area
  • Easy to roll and maneuver

Simple electric adjustable desk for your office space that meets your needs and doesn't break the budget.

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VertDesk - Adjustable-Height Desk
  • Raises to 46.5" and lowers to 28" - Plenty of adjustability
  • Lifts up to 200 lbs
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee from Manufacturer
  • Maple and Cherry Desktop Options

Full Vertdesk Review - A great desk with some great features. You will love how smooth this desk moves, and how solid it is when extended.

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GeekDesk v3
  • Raises to 48.75" and lowers to 23" - Most flexibility of the bunch
  • 275 capacity - but that includes the desk, so it is more like 225

This is a great desk, but it has a couple of issues. I don't like the two month wait they currently have before shipping. Also, unlike the VertDesk, if there is a problem with the desk and you have to return it, you are on the hook for shipping. These issues do not affect the desk, so the rating does not suffer, but should be known and considered before purchase.

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Rebel Desk - Adjustable Height Computer Desk
Rebel Desk
  • Raises to 48" and lowers to 28"
  • Manual Crank-Up means it is less expensive, but you still get the flexibility of the adjustable desk
  • Glass top is very cool
  • Includes free assembly
  • Attached Electrical Charging Station

If you are looking for a stylish desk that allows for the freedom of standing and are cool with manual adjustments, this is a great desk to get. The extra features - Built-in charging and cable management features are an extra bonus.

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MultiTable Sit Stand Desk
  • Raises to 47" and lowers to 27.5"
  • Lifts up to 130lbs
  • Multiple color options
  • Only desk in the group with an adjustable width

If you want a desk, that has the ability to adjust the width of the legs, this is the desk. Other than that, there are other desks that provide more bang for the buck.

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Varidesk Pro Desk 60 Electric Review

The new Varidesk ProDesk 60 is an electric desk with a 3-point controller that is strong, attractive, and quiet. It fits great in any office environment or in a home office. The desk is extremely easy to setup, coming mostly assembled, and even arrives with a Varidesk branded rubber mallet to help complete the installation easily.

Varidesk ProDesk 60 Electric Pros

  • Strong desk with a 250 pound capacity
  • Quiet electric motors
  • Very attractive
  • Comes with accessories like desk hooks
  • Built in cable management system
  • Desk design that allows cables to drop through a channel in the back of the desk

Desk Cons

  • The $1000 price (at launch) will scare some shoppers away, but trust us when we say you’re getting a great desk at this price point
  • The desktop box is hard to handle with just one person, like all desks we’ve tested

Ergotron WorkFit-D

Ergotron WorkFit-D Adjustable Desk

Another non-electric (and non-crank YAY!) height adjustable desk, the Workfit D is unique in the way it operates. It’s also quite versatile, and the company which produces it, Ergotron, is a recognized and trusted name in the realm of sit / stand work equipment.

The Pros

  • The Workfit D is very sturdy and solid. Users shouldn’t have any durability or longevity issues.
  • The work surface is roomy, and the height can be adjusted from 30.6 to 50.6 inches, making both seated and standing work a breeze to complete.
  • Adjusting the height is tool-free and almost instant thanks to the Workfit D’s innovative counterweight system. Just lift or push and watch the desk rise and fall accordingly.
  • The Workfit D can be mated to many brackets and peripherals from Ergotron, making it possible to mount dual monitors, underslung keyboards, and more.

The Cons

  • The maximum weight capacity for the Workfit D is a paltry sixty-five pounds. Users may have to play a little Tetris to come in under this threshold.
  • While build quality is perfectly acceptable, the aesthetics of this unit leave something to be desired. In particular, the desk can look low-quality, more akin to painted particle board than well-varnished wood.
  • Assembly can be tricky. Make sure the Workfit D’s brake / stopping mechanism isn’t too tightly wound before putting the entire thing together, or you’ll have problems later on!
  • Keyboard trays and other such accessories must be purchased separately.

VertDesk Adjustable-Height Desk

VertDesk - Adjustable-Height Desk

First up on our list is this eponymous electric adjustable height desk from VertDesk. An attractive and well-made offering, it’s sure to find a home in many workspaces. Let’s take a look!

The Pros

  • Built to stereotypically high German quality standards, the VertDesk is a sturdy work surface at all heights and silent when raised or lowered, thanks to a strong crossbar, a solid, spacious table / desk surface, and a gear & spindle drive, respectively.
  • Adjusts from a low of 28 inches to a high of 46.5 inches, there’s a work position for users of all heights and work styles.
  • The 22.5″ of seated space beneath the desk means there’s lots of leg room for even the longest-limbed user, in addition to being able to fit an anti-fatigue mat with ease.

The Cons

  • Designed for 110 volt outlets, travel adapters will be necessary if the Vertdesk is used outside of North America.
  • A load capacity of 200 lbs. is less than some of the other items on this list, and may prove inadequate for some.

The VertDesk is made by Beyond The Office Door


GeekDesk v3

Geek desk is a whimsically named company, but their solid product line means they tend to get away with it. The GeekDesk, Version 3 (henceforth referred to as “Geekdesk”) is their standard offering, and a fine product.

The Pros

  • This stand up desk is built by a company that values quality, and it shows. Materials and methods used are sturdy, and result in a nice looking, durable product.
  • All frames suited for use with the GeekDesk can sit as low as twenty-three inches and raise to a height of 48.75 inches, making for lots of room at any height.
  • The desk itself is spacious and comes with an anti-scratch / UV-resistant coating.
  • Customer support is good, and the warranty is acceptable, with coverage extending from two to five years, depending upon whether the issue is with a moving part or the steel frame itself.

The Cons

  • The GeekDesk is only partially assembled upon arrival. This may be nothing to some, but it will annoy those with an aversion to putting stuff together. In fairness, it isn’t that difficult to assemble, and those who truly want to can pay for on-site assembly.
  • This desk is rather large and heavy, so don’t expect to use it in small spaces or in delicate situations. For example, depending upon one’s chosen configuration, the desk portion weighs anywhere from thirty to sixty lbs. all by itself.
  • Some may find the maximum capacity figure (275 lbs.) deceptive, even if the company does specify the fact that they count the weight of the desk portion in their calculations.
  • The GeekDesk comes in a wide variety of configurations, from frame-only to fully assembled (at a surcharge) pieces in small, medium, and large varieties. This may confuse some buyers at first. Research and careful attention to detail is advised.

The GeekDesk is made by GeekDesk

Rebel 1000

Rebel Desk - Adjustable Height Computer Desk
Rebel Desk

The Rebel 1000 by Rebel Desk is faithful to its name, being the first manual adjustable stand up desk to appear on this list. Let’s take a closer look and see if it matches up to its electric counterparts.

The Pros

  • The Rebel 1000 is a tank! This is a very sturdy, stable work surface that should please even those users with vigorous, “bull in a china shop” style work habits. This pairs nicely with the Rebel’s spacious desk area.
  • Rebel Desk’s inclusion of free assembly upon delivery is a very nice touch that sets it apart from its competition. Give the delivery guy fifteen or twenty minutes, and presto, your shiny new Rebel 1000 will be ready to use with nary a screw turned by your own hand!
  • This desk can accommodate users from four feet to six feet four inches tall. Additionally, there is enough room underneath for a treadmill (Rebel sells a compatible model, but third-party machines can be used as well).
  • This desk comes with an integrated power strip which includes both outlets and USB ports.

The Cons

  • The Rebel 1000’s crank folds down, but even so, it can snag on clothes, cables, and other such things. This can be anything from a minor annoyance to the root of a major accident. It would be nice if the crank were built to be flush when not in use.
  • Cable management is somewhat lacking, especially when the power strip is in use. A few cable management brackets would be a simple way to fix this problem.
  • The glass desk, in contrast to its wooden counterpart, can be unsuitable for certain mounting brackets and other peripherals. It also tends to show dirt, fingerprints, and so forth more than its wooden alternative.

The Rebel Desk is made by Rebel Desk


MultiTable Sit Stand Desk

The MultiTable is the final entry on our list of desks, and like its predecessor, it is somewhat unique in comparison to the other units reviewed so far. Let’s explore further, shall we?

The Pros

  • The MultiTable is a sturdy design with a spacious work area. MultiTable (the company, not the desk) is a newcomer to the world of sit / stand desks, but they’re focused on quality, and it shows in the stability of this unit.
  • A wheel / roller kit is available for those who’re looking for a little mobility in their height adjustable desk. Even if you plan on keeping it in one spot, being able to roll the MultiTable out of the way for cleaning, storage, and so on is highly preferable to carrying it!
  • Available in a variety of color configurations, there is scarcely an office color scheme the MultiTable can’t match.
  • Height adjustment is done via crank, but it’s quite fluid, and the crank can be totally removed when not in use, meaning no errant snags on cords, clothes, or other things.
  • The MultiTable’s max load capacity of 250 lbs. is among the most generous on this list.
  • The MultiTable is the only item reviewed so far that is capable of adjusting both base height (27.5 to 47″) and width (39.5 to 55.5″), ensuring that it can fit most anywhere.

The Cons

  • The desk portion of the MultiTable is made of particle board. It’s commercial-grade particle board, of course, but the use of such materials in lieu of wood still smacks of low quality. In fairness, this is likely a cost-cutting measure reflected in the MSRP.
  • When in motion (as with the wheel kit), the MultiTable’s load bearing capacity decreases from 250 lbs. to just over half of that figure (130 lbs).
  • A separate monitor riser will be needed to provide users with a centered, upright view of their computer’s display. This will need to be adjusted when returning to a seated position.

The MultiTable is made by MultiTable.


Voilà! Five of the best offerings in the adjustable height desk market displayed for your consideration, complete with a list of the pros and cons of each unit. With this handy guide, you’ll have no trouble picking and purchasing the absolute best height adjustable sit / stand desk for your personal needs and preferences. Happy hunting!

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