Live Longer With A Standing Desk

Standing Desks have myriad attributes. For one they are able assist their users by alleviating current back ailments and preventing future back or posture problems. They also are conducive to weight loss and an improved caloric burn. These two factors, among others, gather together to award us with the Holy Grail of all prosperity – a longer life!

Longer life is a great "side-effect" of a Standing Desk.
Not quite a fountain of youth, but Standing Desks come close

It is etched into our very psyche that we wish to exist for as long a duration as possible, and unfortunately sitting at a desk, day in day out, does nothing to promote this. However, should your work revolve around an office and you are seeking a method of improving your health within the apparent confines of the workplace, then it would be a falsity to say that office and other such related work vocations are invariably bad for your health and short of sporadic shuttles runs between your desk and the water dispenser there is no other way to improve your physical well being.

The Standing Desk has been designed to aid its user into living a healthier and physiologically sound way of living.

Proof and statistics are at hand which suggest that those who sit for 6 or more hours a day are at far greater risk of an early and untimely expiration (50 per cent more greater, in fact) than those more active types who sit for three hours or less. This is due to a huge variety of factors:

  • Standing promotes improved blood circulation reducing the risk of strokes and other potentially fatal illnesses or disease.
  • Sitting down for sustained periods of time reduces the heart rate and the calorie burn which in turn incites weight increase and the possibility of obesity.
  • Standing up increases the heart rate and also the calorie burn which eradicates the threat of an ever increasing waistline, the very real promise of obesity and a generally rather sweaty façade.
  • Obesity is one of the main causes of heart attacks.
  • Heart attacks are one of the main causes of death.

And so it stands. Standing at work, especially if you are in an office environment in which you must be present at your computer station throughout the course of the day, is unequivocally better for you both mentally (increased circulation improves moods and therefore focus and productivity) and physically.

If only to initially convert to the Standing Desk for a few hours a day before plucking up the courage to attempt a couple of full day a week, you will soon find that standing of a day keeps the doctor away.

As well as coronary issues, studies have also revealed – studies conducted by extremely clever people who did extremely well at school, you know, the kids that always came top of the class when they appeared to barely even try, whilst you were cramming into the wee hours of the morning, remember them? – that those who sit for more than 6 hours per day were at greater risk of developing other potentially fatal illnesses such as lung disease, cancer and strokes.

Everything seems to point to the health benefits of the Standing Desk. It has been scientifically proven to assist you in living a longer life.

As well as physiological benefits, by using a Standing Desk in your workplace you will also find that there are a wealth of psychological attributes which are related to it. Firstly, you are of course standing up which immediately improves the blood circulation. With increased blood circulation invariably comes an improved mood which in turn will allow you to concentrate on the tasks and assignments on hand with perhaps more motivation, morale and attentiveness.

Indeed, when things are good at work and you and your superiors and subordinates are happy, this naturally leads to a workplace which is less conducive to stress, which of course can lead to the onset of many different kinds of physical ailments. Once you have adjusted to the Standing Desk, whether you are using it for just a few hours a day or are a fully fledged member of the standing society , it won’t be long before you find you have more get up and go and a new spring to your step as you go about your duties.

When you are able to manage your stress levels as a result of your improved circulation and mood at the Standing Desk, you will find that it promotes a healthier body as well as mind. The benefits of stress management include:

  • A strengthened immune system
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Less depression which can run down mind and therefore drain the body
  • A more enjoyable and fulfilling existence

The transition from sitting to standing at work, although would initially be quite a daunting notion, will see you live a longer, happier and generally more fulfilling life.

The Standing Desk is your stalwart, omnipresent gym instructor.