iCraze Adjustable Computer Desk

Don’t you just hate it when items are knocked over and beverages spill due to a cluttered workstation or by trying to balance a laptop along with a couple of food items on our laps? Wouldn’t it be great to have a multifunctional desk that can act as a laptop workstation and/or food tray? Well, the iCraze Adjustable Computer Desk does all that and more.

The iCraze Adjustable Computer Desk at a glance

A regular bestseller on Amazon and one of the least expensive models of adjustable desks, it suits most people’s

iCraze Desk In Its Full Form

requirements. The design features air vented cavities composed primarily of Aluminum, which not only is a good absorber of heat- therefore keeping your laptop cool, but also gives a sleek look to the desk. The legs of the desk are connected by two 360 degree adjustable joints to mold into any position you like, convenient for lazy users or those with back problems, allowing them to work while laid back on their beds. The desk is equipped with a Wrist Guard and the surface is grooved to avoid slippage. You would think that an item that weighs only 5 pounds won’t be strong enough, but the iCraze Computer Desk can support a whopping 30 pounds!


• Made of aluminum and strikes a perfect balance between being lightweight and strong and durable.

• There aren’t many laptops that don’t fit the width of this desk. Even larger laptops fit well with a couple of spare inches left. The design of the table is such that even at a slanted angle, your laptop won’t slip off. Still, two clips are provided in the box for extra resistance and for thicker laptops.

• Even though it’s not necessary, the company has also added a small attachable side tray which fits easily, for an external mouse

Comes With An External Mouse Pad

• The desk has two fans that exceeds expectations. They run extremely silently and do a fantastic job at keeping the laptop cool during normal usage and at cool to optimum temperature while playing high CPU intensive games. (However, be mindful of the fact that if you have an ancient laptop, things are still going to get hot even with the iCraze, because of the poor ventilation system of the past.)

• Many users love the fact that the fans can be switched on or off with a simple flick of a button. Located under the table surface is a black power switch. The USB cable that is plugged into your laptop as a power source is also removable so when you are not using it, it isn’t uselessly dangling from under the table.

• The patented rotatable joint locks are adjustable into possibly any position and angles. The legs are not bound to position in the same way so the possibilities of positioning each leg differently into different combinations of incline/decline is endless. Therefore, if you are like me and like to sit with one leg in a certain position and the other at a different angle, this desk will understand your strange inclines and is able to give a stable figure.

• Despite being at all these awkward angles, the desk is sturdy and doesn’t shake or jiggle. (Of course, if you push it to its limit it’s going to topple over. Duh!)

• Being an adjustable laptop desk, obviously it is portable. But the fact that it hardly takes up any space is remarkable. When folded, it is extremely thin. You can hide this under anything and won’t even feel the bulk.


• A perplexing feature is that the joints are made of plastic. It can’t be determined whether the plastic is just a casing for the aluminum underneath or is actually hard plastic.

• This isn’t exactly a con but the side tray mouse could have been just a tiny bit bigger. A mouse requires ample roaming space.

More Solutions:

The iCraze Adjustable Computer desk is surely going to become your best friend during all your hours spent on the laptop or while eating in front of the TV. But for couch potatoes with health concerns, the standing laptop desk would prove to be a better option.


Overall, the iCraze Adjustable Computer Desk is very satisfactory and looks really cool! Anything that will let me be comfortable while using my laptop- be it in the bed or on the floor, is great in my book. The stellar reviews it has is also testimony to its high functionality and excellence.