Authors Who Stand Up

Various studies have shown that long periods of sitting day in and day out can seriously affect your health and shorten your life. The body is designed for regular movement, but many people spend the bulk of their day sitting still instead. Worse still, some people don’t fit in a workout or a long walk either, which means their bodies are virtually always in a sedentary state. It’s not that sitting is inherently dangerous… the danger is in the dose.

The often-reported solution for this problem is to get a stand-up desk.  Journalist Sydney Trent describes why he opted for a stand-up desk: “Over the years, I had concluded that sitting all day made me sluggish, less focused. On top of that, my neck and shoulders were routinely tight, and sometimes the pain interfered with my sleep.”

Ernest Hemingway agreed: “Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up.” Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf and numerous other authors are reported to also have written standing up.

We hope these authors will inspire you to take action and start thinking how you can improve your health and productivity in the office.


Kara Peterson |

kara - Desk Converters
Desk Converters

“I am in my “comfies” because when I am spending all day at the computer I don’t wear heels and fashion! So, I went for authentic. I am an author and spend a lot of time at the “writing table” I love my sit stand because of the variety it offers!”

~ Kara Peterson

Each story answers, in some way, “Why” because when my children were little this seemed to be an important question!  The stories are rich in meaning and enchanting.  There are questions through out the app that parents or teachers can choose to “show” so that they can engage with the children on a deeper level.

Walter G Meyer | 

Walter G Meyer - Desk Converters
Desk Converters

“I spend up to 12 or 14 hours a day seated at my computer and when I’d get up after a long day, I found my feet and calves were swollen and painful. So about two years ago, I bought a convertible desk. I have had several knee surgeries so it is also painful for me to stand for a long period of time. This convertible desk allows me to stand for a few minutes or a few hours as I feel the need or start to feel uncomfortable standing or sitting. My legs and back feel much better and even my posture has improved since I no longer hunch over my keyboard as much–I am more erect when I stand at the computer. The model is called a “Stand Steady” that I shopped for on line. “

~ Walter G Meyer

I am the author of four published books including the novel “Rounding Third” and the co-author of “The Respectful Leader”, both of which were Amazon best sellers. You can learn a great deal more about me and my writings on my web site:

Tom Scarda|

Tom Scarda - Treadmill desks
Treadmill desks

“I have TWO stand up desks and one treadmill desk. I’m serious about moving while working. It really helps me to think better.One stand up desk was custom built when I did my home office renovation. It’s looks more like a lectern. The other is an Uptrack model. I don’t love it. It was inexpensive. It requires manual manipulation so I just keep it in the raised position on a counter, not my desk.”

“My treadmill desk is the Norditrack. I with to the expensive model but I’m not satisfied. It operates fine but more noisy than I expected. Also, the desk does not raise high enough to make it comfortable for using my lap top. Because of that, I rarely use it as a desk. That’s disappointing to me.”

~Tom Scarda

I am an author of two books and an e-book. I am also a franchise consultant. I match people with franchise opportunities based on skills, personality and goals. Sort of like the e-Harmony of business. I also do lots of radio interviews and standing up while being interviewed is paramount.

Jenny Korn | Scholar of identity at the University of Illinois at Chicago


Desk Converters

“I am a scholar of race, gender, and identity within online and mass
media. I have won multiple research awards, been published in academic
journals and popular presses, and I give presentations in scholarly and
public venues. Please feel free to visit for more
information about me.”


~Jenny Korn

I am a woman of color and am a scholar of race, gender, and identity within online and mass media with academic training in communication, sociology, theatre, public policy, and gender studies from Princeton, Harvard, Northwestern, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Thewinner of multiple research awards, and the author of 32 journal articles,book chapters, newsletter columns, and online publications, I have given 116 presentations, including invited talks, refereed conferences, and quoted interviews with NPR, CNN, SXSW, Colorlines, Fox News, US News &World Report, and more.


Austin Robinson | Researcher at the University of Delaware

Treadmill desks</

“Dr. Austin Robinson is a currently a researcher at the University of Delaware who has authored and co-authored multiple scientific studies in the field of cardiovascular physiology. He uses Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk/Stand/Table at work”

“While co-founding his protein brownie startup company Beet Strong, he used a treadmill desk he built himself out cherry wood in his uncle’s garage! Dr. Robinson says “In my line of work, we are constantly reading about fitness, health and the risks of being sedentary. Especially when my company was just getting started, it involved a lot of sitting. My desk helped me get some get on my feet, literally and figuratively.”

~Sofia Sanchez, Marketing Director

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