Improved Circulation With A Standing Desk

In all honesty, working in an office environment has never been conducive to maintaining good health as you go about the daily grind of grafting for your monthly paycheck. While you are somewhat confined to your little work space up on the 14th floor somewhere within the urban chaos of the city, you can’t help but muse that your time might be more productively spent (in terms of physiological well-being  in a line of work which demanded just a smidgen more physical movement.

Stand up and stop pinching off your veins letting your blood flow freely to your vital organs
Sitting is cutting off your circulation, fix it by using a Standing Desk

At the moment your brain is doing all the work and your limbs, bar your heavily laden finger tips, appear to be superfluous to requirements. You almost find yourself in awe as the window cleaner appears at the exterior of your building and starts a rigorous aerobic workout in order to give you a clearer view of the world outside which appears to be hustling and bustling with folk who, as well as going about their daily vocational tasks, are also getting plenty of exercise – almost seems like an ideal existence, doesn’t it?

Well, due to your field of expertise, it wouldn’t be a step up the ladder if you started cleaning windows, sweeping the streets or collecting other people’s refuse, so to make the best of your situation in the office, to gain the sensation of physical and mental rejuvenation while going about your daily tasks and chores – an easy solution has been custom designed for your needs. Using a Standing Desk is one way in which people have found relief from sitting all day.

When once upon a time you were slouched wearily at your workstation, with fatigue seemingly omnipresent, making the transition to a Standing Desk will see you armed with a mindset which promotes improved creativity, general mental outlook and myriad physical benefits.

There is a better way

Among the many attributes of the Standing Desk – back pain relief, improved posture and core strength, greater productivity and energy levels, to name but a few – is the fact that you will find your blood circulation heightened to a very healthy level. Good blood circulation is of paramount importance concerning your general physical well being.

In fact, a recent study done by the Department of Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital states that: “The risk of pulmonary embolism was more than twofold in women who spent the most time sitting compared with those who spent the least time sitting.” To neglect focusing on your physical movements on a daily basis would be tantamount to inviting all kinds of different health woes to the party.

“Here’s my body” you’d say “Come and abuse it as you will!”

Now obviously we as people, generally speaking, aren’t particularly taken with the notion of becoming sick, especially where frequent trips to the doctor or, God forbid, an emergency room is required; so get your backside out of that seat today (it may have served you well over the months and years, but those dents in the cushion are certainly beginning to reflect the extra pounds you’ve slowly accumulated) and make an immediate transition to the Standing Desk. Improved blood circulation is an accessory to many different physiological and psychological advantages.

Preventing Blood Clots

When you are sitting at your desk day after day, month after month, and dare I say it, year after year; you will become vulnerable to the unproductive blood circulation which can, in extreme cases, lead to the dreaded blood clot, which as we all know can have long term detrimental effects, if not off us in one foul swoop. If, however, you opt (and by now you just know it makes sense) for the Standing Desk, you will find that your body is in a perpetual state of movement which decreases the chances of blood circulatory problems 10 fold. Using the Standing Desk is also a way of relieving urinary ailments which can be found in those who are required to sit at an office workstation. In short, by standing up for yourself in the workplace and ousting the seat from beneath you is highly conducive to more productive and longer life.

Not only does improved circulation benefit us physically, but the psychological advantages are just as important.

To put things into perspective here, imagine that you’ve just woken up and you feel somewhat downtrodden – you have two options here; drag your sorry backside to the nearest couch, reach for the remote and spend the next few hours wallowing in your bad mood while filling your brain with useless information courtesy of daytime television, OR, grab your running shoes and pound the pavement for a few miles. You don’t have to be one of the foremost psychologists of our day and age to realize that the latter will not only amend your mood, but also improve your physique. The two work hand in hand. A healthy body does indeed promote a healthy mind, while sitting on the sofa flicking through channel after channel of programs that simply aren’t worth watching, will see you slump further and further into the depths of your poor couch, generally feeling very sorry for yourself.

Now let’s transfer such a scenario to the office. After your lunch break you could a) wearily head back to your workstation and with the unanimous thud of buttocks on bench, slouch into your computer monitor for another afternoon of unfounded fatigue, or b) stand proudly at your Standing Desk with a feeling of content rejuvenation.

Standing on the job improves blood circulation, which in turn promotes a better physical state of being and greater mental awareness which of course leads to far greater productivity – something that I’m sure your superiors will thank you for, as will your bank account.