TaskMate Executive 6100 Review

Standing desks are wildly popular these days, with every new dawn seemingly a chance for someone to produce a new desk or accessory. Some of them are hits and some of them are best described as valiant but misguided efforts, and it’s often not clear which is which until after these products have been used. One thing is clear, however, and that’s that standing desks and all the peripherals that come with them are here to stay. They’re simply too effective to be put back in the bag now that the proverbial cat has been taken out. No matter how great it might seem (or, in fact, how great it might actually turn out to be), no technology is without its limitations. That’s where product reviews come in. They lay all the cards on the table, so to speak, and while there’s no substitute for hands-on experience, the collective opinions and testimonials of past users can save you a ton of time and money when you’re sifting through the variety of standing desk products on the market. To that end, keep reading for a review of the Health Postures TaskMate Executive 6100.

A Brief Overview

The TaskMate Executive 6100 is a sit-stand desk for the busy business professional. Its rough crescent holds everything you need for a productive day’s work, and it’ll look stylish doing it. It isn’t a full standing desk, but as you’ll see later on in the pro / con breakdown, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, sit / stand tools like this one are becoming quite popular. At any rate, to give you some idea of the real-world applicability of the unit, the features and orientation of the desk make it particularly well suited to receptionists, lawyers or physicians who like to telecommute, and real estate agents, among others. Specific occupations aren’t really a factor, though, so if you’re someone who likes to do everything himself or herself, have no fear; this desk will serve you well. If you’re reading this, it’ll also please you to know that TaskMate is a company with a long reputation of quality craftsmanship (they specialize in standing desks and similar solutions) and good customer service. As good as that all sounds, however, every standing desk serves the same basic purpose and function, and every company likes to shout its own praises. If this TaskMate is to be truly evaluated, something more is required. That’s why, in the interests of transparency and helpfulness, you’ll find a detailed pro / con breakdown below.

The Pros

This TaskMate desk has a lot going for it, which isn’t surprising when you consider its parent company and the legacy thereof. Let’s take a closer look at some of its selling points, shall we?

  • The TaskMate Executive looks fantastic. Done in subdued charcoal tones, this slick, sexy little number will work well in any office environment.
  • Speaking of versatility, this unit will fit comfortably on any mid-sized to full-sized traditional desk. The base platform provides stability without scuffing up your pre-existing furniture, which makes it great for use with heirloom desks and other fine products.
  • Made of steel and various poly-carbonates, this desk will last for ages with even a passing degree of maintenance and care.
  • The dense, comfy foam strategically placed at stress points around this sit / stand desk make working even long days a comfortable, pleasant experience.
  • The work surfaces used in this unit are generous and expansive; a full-sized keyboard and mouse are easily contained on the integrated keyboard tray, and a cradle on the left can hold a full-sized business phone while its counterpart on the right can be used to hold open a book for easy reading. Meanwhile, the topmost surface can support even the largest of monitors. In short, everything you need to get your work done quickly and well is right in front of you.
  • A sit / stand workflow like the one facilitated by the desk gives new or infirm standing desk users the opportunity to reap all the benefits of a full standing desk while retaining the comfort of their old seated model. Height adjustments and other operational maneuvers are a snap thanks to simple push-button controls.

The Cons

Every tool and piece of technology has room for improvement, and this sit / stand TaskMate is no exception to that rule. You can see a sample of the Executive 6100’s shortcomings in the following list:

  • First, let’s talk price. This isn’t a cheap piece of equipment. While the price of a thing should never be the sole factor in whether or not it’s worth buying, most folks will hesitate to plunk down a grand and change on what amounts to a sturdy, snazzy desk adjustment tool.
  • Next, let’s look at the weight of this unit. Weighing in at approximately fifty pounds, the desk isn’t the most portable option on the market, especially when you consider its overall design (it’s quite utilitarian and very unwieldy all in a measure). You’ll want to find a spot for this and leave it alone, because moving it around is a pain.
  • You’ll need a few things on hand before this tool is worth having around: You’ll need a monitor, a keyboard and mouse, and perhaps a business telephone. Most people in the market for a unit like this will have that covered in spades, but it bears mentioning. The one thing that might truly derail your plans, however, is the need for a solidly built seated desk. If you haven’t got a traditional desk to sit this TaskMate sit / stand machine on, don’t bother buying it, because it won’t work.
  • The desk is a purely electrical sit / stand desk adjustment tool. If the power ever goes out, the utility of this machine will be severely compromised.


The world of standing desks can often be quite complex, but product reviews can help shine some light on things. Thanks to this particular review, you should now be able to use what you’ve learned of the TaskMate Executive 6100 to make a more informed purchasing decision about your next standing desk or standing desk accessory. Thanks for reading!