The Best Standing Desk Accessories

Once you have chosen to use a Standing Desk, picked out the right model for you, built one yourself or even modified your original desk, it is of paramount importance that you give your legs and feet the comfort they so rightly deserve. They are of course doing you a great justice by standing, from improving your gait and posture to relieving or alleviating back problems. So let’s take care of those lower limbs and feet and grab a few standing desk accessories.

Anti-fatigue Mat – Top Of The Standing Desk Accessories List

A good starting point would be to invest in an anti-fatigue mat. These revolutionary new products are custom designed for workers whose working day demands an awful lot of standing, and since you have opted (quite wisely, I might add) to start using a Standing Desk then you fall decidedly into this category.  Here are two of the mats reviewed, (you can find the full review of 4 mats here):

iMovR Standing Desk Mat 3'x2'


Ergotron WorkFit Anti-Fatigue Mat 3'x2'$199

Anti –fatigue mats, as the name might suggest, are designed to decrease the fatigue of their users. They effortlessly minimize back pains, foot pains, general aches and workaday gripes and can therefore reduce stress levels, and we all know that stress is not particularly conducive to producing a good day’s work.

The mats can be made from a variety of different materials which include vinyl, wood, PVC tubing, rubber, PVC closed cell foam, polypropylene and nitrile rubber.

This is the mat that I use, it has proven to both look good and hold up well, and it has proven to be the best standing desk accessory in my arsenal.  I did a review of 4 of the top Standing Desk Mats, take a look and make sure to pick the right one for you.

Posture Trainer – Get Your Posture Right

Regardless of whether you sit, stand, or hop on one foot your posture has to be correct for your work position for you to have a long and pain-free career at a desk. One of the most innovative posture trainers on the market can teach you the correct posture for sitting or standing with ease. I’ve used the UPRIGHT to teach me to sit with the right posture and now you can put it on your upper back for use at your standing desk, bike desk, or treadmill desk.

[product id=”3184″]

Standing Desk Chair – There When You Need It

Let’s face it, you are not going to go from sitting 8-10 hours a day to standing the whole time in one day without some aches an pains.  In addition it is not recommended to be on your feet for extended periods.  So, what do you do?  Well you can purchase a chair for those times when a break is needed.  Here you can read about standing desk chairs and see which one I recommend for your leg-resting-respite.

ImageNameRating / ReviewPrice
iMovR Tempo TreadTop ChairBOSS Pro Stool With BackSee Price
iMovR Tempo TreadTop ChairBOSS Pro Chair With Footrest & ArmsSee Price
iMovR Tempo TreadTop ChairNorstar Drafting StoolSee Price
iMovR Tempo TreadTop ChairiMovR Tempo TreadTop ChairSee Price
SPACE AirGrid Drafting ChairSPACE AirGrid Drafting ChairCheck Price

Foam Rollers – Good To Have Standing Desk Accessory

Next on the agenda in our standing desk accessories list that aims to make your standing desk experience as beneficial as possible would be to go about purchasing a roller. These are basically cylindrical tubes which you place your foot on to whilst working at your desk. They help stretch your ankle, calf and leg muscles and keep you feeling nice and supple throughout your time spent at the desk.

Rollers, although all being essentially the same shape, come in a wide selection of different designs so it is entirely up to you to choose the type which you would feel most comfortable with.

High density foam rollers range from $7.99 -$30 and are firm and light weight.

Basic soft foam rollers start at $9.99. They are effective for sensitive aches and pains but due to their softness, overuse can lead to compression which will essentially have your roller losing its roundness, and therefore take on a more oval appearance – and it wouldn’t be much use standing on a football, would it now.

Trigger point foam rollers are textured and as well as allowing you to stretch your ankles and calves, will give your feet a pleasant massage as you work away at your desk. They are somewhat more stylish than the aforementioned rollers and weigh in at a considerably more expensive price. Trigger point foam rollers will generally see you rid your wallet of some $39, but the pleasing texture more than makes up for the extra bucks.

The Rumble Roller is similar to the Trigger point foam roller due to the fact they are both textured. But the Rumble Rollers texturing is somewhat more extreme and your feet will be subjected to the equivalent of a vigorous Turkish rub down. Use the Rumble Roller should you have any deep set aches and pains in your ankles, calves and legs. They can generally be purchased for somewhere around the $44 mark.

The last of our rollers is the OPTP Pro Foam Roller. These robust rollers are designed for people who aim to use them on a frequent basis. They are able to withstand all the abuse that you are willing to dish out and in my opinion they are probably the best option for Standing Desk users. They weigh in at a very reasonable $37.

Foot Stool – Another Good To Have Accessory

The implementation of a footstool of sorts could beneficially add to your Standing Desk experience. Think about the way in which you sometimes might exchange lengthy pleasantries with one of your friends or colleagues – you often subconsciously place one of your feet on perhaps a chair or a raised platform in order to give it some respite. We all do it. We just never think about it. Now introduce this idea to your new Standing Desk. You could use anything from an old box to a ream of A4 or even a stack of old books. Whichever option you decide upon you can be sure that the footstool will be an integral part of your working day.