CEO Standing Desks

I love seeing pictures of other people’s standing desks. It is really interesting to see what people come up with and I think it is surprising how many people create something on their own.

CEOs sit, a lot. Phone calls, meetings, briefings, marketing work, sales, it is just a lot of time sitting, particularly if they are at a technology savvy company. Spending a lot of time at their desk in the office reduces their fitness and increases the number of health risks. For the past couple of years, the CEOs of many companies have been transitioning from desks where they can sit, to desks where they can stand or walk as everyone starts to be more healthy in the office. The human body is designed for regular movement but most of the adults spend a bulk of their time sitting still while at work, commuting, and at home.

To counteract the long periods of sitting many people go to the gym but research is suggesting that doesn’t really help counteract sitting. Think about how many if you fit in a category of people that don’t have any workout at all which means that your body is in a sedentary situation most of the time.

While a brief period of sitting here and there is natural, long periods of sitting day-in and day-out can seriously impact your health and shorten your life.

These CEOs decide to change their working environment for both health and productivity. Check out their desks, their equipment, and their thoughts on being able to stand. Hopefully you can get some ideas from them.


Christie M. Summervill | CEO, BalancedComp

Christie - Desk Converters
Desk Converters

“I am the CEO of a 10 employee boutique consultancy that sets salary ranges for financial institutions. We all have standing desks. I use the Veridesk ProPlus series. I feel it is the least I can do to take care of myself to provide a standing desk. Also, when I am speaking to a client on the phone or hosting a webinar, I feel I’m projecting more professionally to a group. “

“The rest of my staff use the Jarvis brand. They are electric and adjustable. I am proud that we don’t ask people to sit and work for us all day. Sitting all day is known to be bad for backs, organs and causes foggy brain. Before spending money on a wellness program, a company might consider a standing desk.”

~ Christie M. Summervill

BalancedComp is a consulting firm dedicated to serving credit unions and banks. Our focus is web based salary administration and performance management processes that attract, motivate and retain a talented workforce.

Damon Burton | President, SEO National

Damon - Desk Converters
Desk Converters

“I use a Varidesk Pro. I’ve used it for about two years now and wouldn’t go back.It’s widely understood that there are benefits to standing, but let’s be honest, it can be tiring. Having a Varidesk provides the best of both worlds of the comforts of sitting and the change of pace of standing.The Pro version allows me to use my laptop plus two external monitors for a three-monitor approach to productivity.”

~ Damon Burton

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Andrew Fielding | Founder & CEO, Stabilify Inc.

Andrew - DIY Desks article
DIY Desks article

“Using a freestanding desk keeps my creativity and energy up, allowing me to power through even the toughest of challenges. Most importantly though my standing desk provides back relief compared to a sitting desk, allowing me to work longer hours. I am using Elfa shelving solution from The Container Store that I’ve set up to be used as a standing desk. It’s approximately 12 feet lengthwise and either 2 or 3 feet deep.”

~Andrew Fielding

At Stabilify we turn the way that individuals with mood disorders interact with their phones and turn it in to the information they need to get better. — We’re in the consumer medical technology field.

Stabilify Inc

Ryan G. Wright | CEO,


Ryan - Desks

“Ryan G. Wright of loves his adjustable desk so much that when he moved the company into a new facility he got them for all of the employees. “I find it helps me focus when I stand- and I have more energy to do the things I need to.”


~Jacque Fairbourn

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Felicia Schneiderhan | Mandelbaum Salsburg

Felicia - Desks

“I’m CEO at 30SecondsToFly, we are a Silicon Valley travel tech company and provide an A.I. assistant to businesses that manages their corporate travel. I use a desk base from Tripp Lite Sit Stand Adjustable Electric Desk and it’s amazing! I usually spend the first half of the day standing and in the afternoon when I do more light weight tasks I adjust it back to a normal sitting position. I feel when I stand I’m more productive and more focused.Happy to send a pic and answer more questions!Best,Felicia”

~Felicia Schneiderhan

At 30SecondsToFly we encourage travel and diversity because we believe in what it reinforces in us: an insatiable hunger to reach new lands, respect for what we do not know and strong personal relationships based on mutual appreciation for each other’s courage and patience to conquer our challenges.


David Waring | Co-founder, Fit Small Business

David - Arms

Using a standing desk makes me feel awesome – before using one I had a herniated disk and back pain. After using it for a year, I no longer have back pain.

” I’m using VIVO Single Monitor Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Workstation Standing Desk Mount w/ Gas Spring / Holds 1 Screen 13″ to 27″ (STAND-SIT1)”

~David Waring

David Waring is the co-founder of Fit Small Business, a website that provides small business reviews and recommendations. Previously he served as a top executive at Forex Capital Markets LLC, which he joined as an initial employee and grew to a team of over 700.



Bryan Clayton | CEO, GreenPal

Bryan - Desks

“The thing I love most about my standing desk is it actually gets me out of the office earlier every day.
Standing while at work makes me focus, get more stuff done in less time, and wast less time lounging around in my office chair.”

“On top of that my girlfriend says that I’m a new man because I stand up straighter now, have better posture due to six months using my standup desk.”

~Bryan Clayton

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Gene Caballero | Co-CEO, GreenPal


Gene - Desk Converters
Desk Converters

“I use a sit/stand desk and I love it. The Ergotron Workfit TL is what I use and it allows me to take a break from sitting and stretch my legs without interrupting my work. It certainly raises my awareness when I stand and am constantly going from standing to sitting. Best office accessory for anyone that has to sit for prolonged periods of time. “

~ Gene Caballero

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