Varidesk Pro Desk Series Overview

This article is for anyone who wants to learn more about the Varidesk line of standalone standing desks. Yes, Varidesk branched out in to the true standing desk market with the Pro Desk product line. This article gives you expert information about the desks, tips for using them, and how not to use them.

Why a Real Varidesk Desk?

Adding a standing desk to the product lineup is a natural addition for Varidesk. Varidesk products (often misspelled veridesk) are very popular with people who want to try out standing at work before really committing. Their products enable this because they are cheap. Once people get to try out standing many decide to purchase a fully adjustable desk.

So, adding a group of desks makes sense because Varidesk can keep their customers as they graduate in to a more lasting solution.

Keep in mind that Varidesk took the lead in the market initially but these days there are far-superior products at a lower price. Varidesk has a great brand and you pay extra to buy their brand.

Pro Desk 60 Electric Overview

The ProDesk 60 Electric is a great desk. It is sturdy, reliable, attractive, and assembles very easily. Get to know this desk by reading our full review:

Imagine all the $1500+ desk companies competed to make assembly and standard features, well, standard. That’s what this desk has in a much cheaper package.

 Pro Desk 60″ Manual Overview

The Pro Desk 60 comes in two colors: all white, and black with a darkwood tabletop. The black/darkwood model definitely stands out between the two and from time to time it goes out of stock.


To make this desk the folks at Varidesk essentially took the Exec 48″, stretched it to 60″, and put feet under it. The result is a nice desk that moves between sitting and standing easily. It also assembles easily with no tools.

Varidesk Pro Desk Benefits:

  • Good width at 60 inches
  • Standard depth desktop that can handle two monitors
  • Easily adjustable
  • Easy assembly
  • The dark model looks professional

Varidesk Pro Desk Drawbacks:

  • Just a 50 pound capacity
  • Desktop support is on the center line making back loading with monitor arms a problem
  • When the desk is at its lowest setting there isn’t room for accessories to hang from the sides
  • The legs are significantly inset from the edges of the desktop

varidesk-pro-desk-60-posedDo note that your monitor arm options are limited due to the way Varidesk products support the desktop on the center-line, rather than at the four corners. Multiple monitor arms with large monitors can make the desk unstable. This is partially mitigated by the fact that the desk is lower when the desktop is in its furthest-back position.


How to choose a Varidesk Pro Desk

  1. Consider the number of monitors you want to place on the desk
  2. Consider the amount of space you need for a computer, keyboard, mouse, tablet or phone, and papers
  3. Choose the color that best fits your office
  4. Decide whether the Pro Desk fits your needs or something like an iMovR, UpDesk, or Innovative product would work better

Varidesk will undoubtedly expand this new desk product line in the coming years.