Mobile and Compact Standing Desk Comparison Review

There is a very popular lineup of sit-stand desks that are so small and compact that they are considered “mobile” desks. They are great for taking to coffee shops or hotel rooms or to a client office. They are light, easy to setup, and are more sturdy than you would expect. Some even have room for your mouse. This articles gives you an overview of your mobile standing desk options so you can choose one that is right for you.

Sit-Stand desks have become increasingly popular as more and more people working in offices want the option of working while standing. The benefits include felling better at work, keeping more flexible, reduction in sedentary sitting, and reduced back pain for some people that are uncomfortable while sitting for long periods of time.

Popular products in the “standing desk” revolution are the Varidesk, WorkFit, and Winston. Each of these provides an adjustable height desktop that you can place monitors and keyboards on.

The mobile category has an almost completely different lineup of companies and products. The reason is that when you are on the go you need something small and light since you are carrying it around. The most popular desks are the ones that fit inside a laptop bag, making it even more convenient to take them on the go. Of course, they need to have a professional look to them as well since they are going to be used in public places and at offices.

Popular mobile standing desks:

  1. StandStand
  2. StorkStand
  3. FreeDesk

Here is a comparison of the leading portable standing desks.

Model Materials Capacity Sturdiness
StandStand Bamboo > 300 lbs Sturdy
LEVIT8 Cardboard light duty Some movement
StorkStand Plywood 50 lbs Based on the chair it sits on
FreeDesk Coated MDF 22 lbs Sturdy
Varidesk SOHO Plastic 10 lbs Some movement