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I’m Jeff, the owner of NotSitting.com.
(Yep, real guy, here I am on LinkedIn)

I spend 13 years working at a desk in Corporate America. I went to college for computer science, spent time as a developer, software tester, manager, and director of technology. I know all about sitting at cubicles. I know all about office life. I know all about office snacks, water coolers, coffee machines, and using two plates when putting something in the microwave.

My happiest work environments were those where an adjustable desk and monitor arms were provided.

At NotSitting my goal is to help you learn about office fitness and choose the products that work for you, your team, or your office.

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I would like the opportunity to help you choose a desk, monitor arm, standing mat, or treadmill. I’m happy to help you figure out what is best for you even if it is a product I do not carry or I don’t have a good price on. Please reach out… I’m right here and I want to help.

Read on if you would like more information about standing.


Adjustable Desk Health Benefits

Firstly we focus on the physiological aspects of the Standing Desk. For one, we look into back pains and how by using a Standing Desk that all sorts of current or potential ailments can be eradicated by using a Standing Desk.

This, of course, goes hand in hand with retaining a healthier posture and in turn, your core will significantly strengthen.

Standing Desks also promote weight loss. You will effortlessly burn of those lunch time or cupcake endorsed coffee breaks while standing up and working. Sitting down after such repasts, on the other hand? Well, haven’t you noticed your bathroom scales begin to grimace every time you enter their vision?

With the loss of weight also comes the reduction of risk concerning serious illnesses such as heart disease and strokes. You would essentially be giving yourself a longer life should you choose to make the switch.

Next, we focus on the positive psychological aspects of the Standing Desk. While standing our blood circulation improves which provides us a healthier mindset.

Increased energy, increased productivity and increased brain power are just a few of the mental aspects we can expect to enjoy when utilizing a standing facility. Obviously, these are all great for mind, body, soul and your bank account – that promotion you’ve been waiting in vain for might come quicker than you think should you start using a Standing Desk.

We then go on to look at any disadvantages the Standing Desk has to offer. You can probably think of myriad reasons why not to use one now as you sit engrossed in an online game of Poker, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, but we feel it right to discuss them for your information.

General Information

Next, we look at the history of Standing Desks and continue to discover great minds of the ages have used them while painting, writing, designing, inventing and hatching plans for battle.

Common misconceptions of Standing Desks is next on the agenda. Here we look at how the desks may be perceived in the workplace. Would they not look a little odd? Wouldn’t standing all day be a totally fatiguing experience and therefore not productive at all? Could the management team muster the currency to finance an assignment of Standing Desks? We ponder these questions here.

We then look at ways in which to obtain or build your own Standing Desk.

An obvious option would be to go to your local hardware store and pick out but a few products – a work surface, a couple of sturdy brackets, an assortment of screws and a screwdriver. Very simple indeed!

Although if thrift is the name of your game then you can easily transform your conventional workspace to that of a standing affair for the princely sum of exactly no dollars or cents – in other words, totally free. Elevate your original desk by placing various office items and paraphernalia on top of it, such as books or chairs, or give it some height from underneath and bolster the legs of your desk with milk crates or sturdy boxes. Quick, easy and totally free!

Then we look at the richer set who perhaps have the extra few bucks in their bank accounts and are able to buy a ready-made affair. These stylish designs are robust as well as portable and generally range from $350 – $3000. We take a good look at the various options available here.

Making The Switch

Ascertaining a suitable height for your Standing Desk is of paramount importance, so we also take a peek into the level your new workstation should be at. It would be of no essence if you were having to slouch into your keyboard or reach up for it, so here we have a blueprint custom designed for your needs.

Adjusting to a Standing Desk is by no means a stroll to the coffee machine. It takes time, perseverance and not a little will-power. We will guide you through easy steps and soon enough you’ll find working at your new workstation becomes second nature. We also recommend various types of anti-fatigue mats, rollers, and footrests to assist you in your acclimatization.

I Made The Switch

My Name is Jeffrey Kelly and I worked in corporate America for years before seeing my first standing desk. Once I did, and when I didn’t have one, I was always trying to get one through desk moves or swaps or other means. I run a company called AssetLab and promote greatness in people’s lives through a network of websites and companies. I made the switch and you can too!

Stand tall at work :-)