Standing Laptop Desks

Why Get a Standing Laptop Desk?

In the past few years, there has been a growing trend across offices and businesses everywhere to use laptops and computers that allow you to stand. The main reason driving this change is that it is much healthier for you to use a standing laptop desk than to sit in front of a computer screen all day.

woman standing at laptop desk
More Productivity and Better Health with a Standing Laptop Desk

Sitting all day can slow down your metabolism, increase your chances of getting diabetes, and cause permanent back issues. Standing and moving about why you are on the job allows your blood to flow better. Sitting constantly is very harmful, and must be avoided at all costs, regardless of how comfortable it may be. The pain you feel later in life won’t be worth it. Even exercise after work may not be able to make up for a lack of moving for such a large portion of the day.

So before you decide on what kind of standing laptop desk you need, there are a few things to consider. All the pros and cons should be weighed, from costs to quality.

Should You Get Fixed or Adjustable?

Fixed stands are significantly cheaper than adjustable ones, almost three times cheaper in many cases. You must consider the positives and negatives here.

While fixed stands provide you what you need at an affordable cost, issues may arise when you want to sit down if you do not have a suitable stool or adjustable chair. And note that you should also sit down occasionally, as standing for too long can also lead to skeletal issues.

Adjustable stands are a lot pricier, and will cut into your loose change. If you are on a budget, it may not be the right choice for you. However, you also must consider that you the main reason to get such a product is for health reasons. If you want your body to enjoy all the added benefits of a standing laptop desk, it’s best to get one that can adjust.

When it comes down to it, you need a healthy mix of standing and sitting while you work. You work space is arguably the most vital piece of furniture you own. That’s why more than price must be weighed in here.

Fixed stands can offer the basic benefits if that’s all you are after, but the fact is they simply do not provide the versatility your body needs. You want something that puts you in a motivating environment. Before making a design, contemplate ergonomics. And ask yourself: what model will help me be most productive in the long run? A high grade option could turn out to be a better financial investment when it’s all said and done.

Top Notch Standing Laptop Desk Options

Upon first glance, the prices may turn off the average person, but do note that these elite desks boasts unbeatable features. From comfort to durability, these products shine in every important aspect.

NextDesk Terra receives praise from nearly every expert in the field. When you use one, you will certainly understand why. Beautiful aesthetics, easy to use buttons, and ample cable storage make this desk simple and fun to use. On top of that, the desk boasts 12 outlets, making life much more convenient. Available in three finishes, the Terra runs at just under $1500.
The AD17 Adjustable Desk from Ergo Depot is an impressive pedestal style desk and does adjust to meet a wide variety of heights. At just over $550, this product offers you one of the best bangs for your dollar in the industry. Showcasing a splendid Scandinavian design, this stand holds 154 pounds.

The UpLift 900 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk is priced at just under $480 and can hold up to 335 pounds, making it a great solution to those who have lots of supplies to place on their desk. Sit or stand as you please in this powerful ergo-human chair.

Budget Options

There are some steals to be had out there. Be creative, do your research, and never look past something before giving it a detailed look. Diamonds in the rough do exist. You just have to go searching.

The Ninja Standing desk brings you multiple shelves and a minimalist design. While it can only hold a total of 30 pounds, it does provide the basics and an easy to use design. What’s even better is that this stand is completely portable, allowing you to mix up your work environment as you so desire. Now that’s cool! It’s priced at just under $160, making it a very attractive buy.
The 3M adjustable Monitor Stand can simply be placed on top of your work desk. This cost effective option can be enjoyed for under $30. However, the stand does not hold too much, so be sure to just put your laptop on it.

A very popular budget option is to create your own stand from IKEA parts. All in all this should not even run you $25. Just purchase a lack side table, a Viktor shelf, and an Ekby Valter bracket. Just be sure that you have screws to connect the bracket and the shelf.

Another idea is to get an adjustable lap desk. These inexpensive products can be used or placed anywhere. You can raise or lower you laptop as you need to while you use it on a counter or workstation.

Build a Makeshift Stand

Costs for a high quality computer stand can be well over $1,000, which is more than a pretty penny. If you do not wish to spend that kind of money, consider making your own or simply using something around the house.

Placing your computer on a kitchen counter or on top of boxes can bring to eye level with your screen. If you are using a laptop, think about getting a separate mouse and keyboard if you decide to use a makeshift stand from around your home. This is because typing at the same level as your head can cause strain on your neck and back. Generally speaking, standing is a healthier option, but if you are standing in the wrong way, it can also be harmful to you.

If you are mechanically savvy, construct your own out of wood blocks. This is certainly more cost effective than buying one. Making a sturdy standing desk should only take a few hours. Just be sure to fix the height to a level at which you are most comfortable. The best thing about this is that you can personalize the desk in any way that you may require.