Here at we provide the products you need to create a standing workstation to fit your needs. We have everything from standing desk converters to adjustable desks to dual monitor arms to standing chairs and drafting chairs. If you need help choosing be sure to open a chat or use the contact page.

How to order a adjustable standing desk

Standing desks come in many shapes, sizes, features, and price ranges. The most important decision is the one you already made… that you want to spend some time standing. In electric and manual standing desks you get what you pay for. Kickstarter will bring you some cheap products from inexperienced companies and low prices generally mean low quality. On the top end of the price range you will get a desk that will last for decades and that comes with great features like quiet operation, memory settings, and really beautiful and durable desktops.

How to choose an adjustable standing desk:

  1. Choose the features you want (electric motors or hand crank, up/down or memory controls, noise level)
  2. Compare proven brands
  3. Select a desk that fits your budget

How to order a standing desk converter

If you want to keep your existing desk and add something on top of it so that you can stand some of the time a “sit-stand desk” or standing desk converter is for you. The burden to enter this market is really low so again, you get what you pay for. The most important features are the ability to hold multiple monitors. A separate keyboard tray level from monitor level is important. A really low “down” position so that your sitting ergonomics aren’t messed up is also important.

How to choose a standing desk converter or sit-stand desk:

  1. Determine the height of your elbows when standing
  2. Determine the height of your elbows when sitting
  3. Choose the features you want (multi-level, weight capacity)
  4. Compare brands and models
  5. Select a desk that fits your budget and your ergonomics

How to order a standing or drafting chair

Standing chairs, also known as drafting chairs, are chairs with a minimum height with your feet off the ground. These allow you to sit at a standing-height desk. The awesome part of a standing chair is that you don’t have to crank or adjust your desk down to a sitting position when you want to sit. Be sure to get one with arm rests so your ergonomics remain consistent when you are seated. A footrest is also critical.

How to choose a standing or drafting chair:

  1. Determine the height of the chair you need for your standing desk
  2. Choose features such as arm rests, seat tilt, and foot bars
  3. Look at established, reliable brands
  4. Choose a brand and model that fits your needs

How to order a standing desk mat

You would be amazed how much difference a good mat under your feet matters to your level of fatigue at the end of a day working at a standing desk. There are two types of mats in this world 1) standing mats – designed for use with shoes on, and 2) kitchen mats – designed for people who have their shoes off. Now, if you buy a cheap mat, you don’t know what you’re really getting. If you buy a mat from a company that sells adjustable desks, treadmill desks, and the like you can trust that you’re getting something worth using. Trust me, you will feel the difference between a cheap mat and a mat designed for how you are using it.

How to choose a standing desk mat:

  1. Determine if you need a standing desk mat (shoes on) or a kitchen mat (shoes off)
  2. Find brands being sold by retailers also selling quality standing desks
  3. Choose the size mat you want
  4. Determine if you want to be able to put your chair on it
  5. Choose a mat that fits your budget and style