Review of the Techni Mobili MDF Computer Cart

With their cavalcade of health benefits, productivity boosts, and general well-being elevators, standing desks have taken the working community by storm. Of course, you know that already – you’re reading this blog for a reason, after all! It isn’t just high-powered CEOs and trendy Silicon Valley coders jumping on this trend, though. The writing is on the wall for all to see, and everyone from school districts large and small to the military is taking notice. Then again, it shouldn’t be forgotten that a standing desk is still a desk at heart. For all its flashy reputation – some of which is hype, but the lion’s share of which is undeniably earned – this new wave of furnishings carries its own set of problems even as it replaces a lot of old ones. This is particularly true when it comes to things like price and mobility. One standing desk from the folks at Techni Mobili, however, might just have them all licked. Keep reading to see what the MDF Computer Cart is doing to shake up the world of standing desks!

The Techni Mobili MDF Computer Cart: A Brief Overview

Are you the type who likes lightweight, minimalist solutions to your problems? If the answer to that question is yes, then this little number from Techni Mobili might be just what the doctor (or your HR department!) ordered. Done up in shades of graphite, it’ll match just about any environment you care to set it up in. Mounted on / nested within a powder coated steel frame – a frame that is mounted on two sets of dual casters for super easy transport – this desk is actually a collection of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) panels. These shelves are very light, easy to adjust to accommodate setups of various types, and surprisingly durable. In terms of space, all the standard standing desk “must haves” are covered – you’ve got an elevated monitor shelf, a spacious central work area, an elbow-level keyboard tray, and plenty of under-desk storage. Past users have praised its durability, and you’ll be hard pressed to find something wrong with the price point. but others might find the aesthetic trade-offs required to cram all this into one package unacceptable. Finally, it seems like some features have been added simply for the sake of inclusion rather than genuine utility.

This MDF Computer Cart – and that’s what it is, really, given its mobile base – is definitely a worthy entry to the standing desk community, but that doesn’t mean it comes out of this review squeaky clean. Let’s dive into the pro / con breakdown and take a look at this standing desk’s major successes and shortfalls.

The Pros:

  • This standing desk solution is within the budget of virtually anyone, be they stay-at-home mom or corporate mogul.
  • Vinyl-coated MDF panel construction makes this standing desk light, modular, and highly spill-resistant all in a measure.
  • A 36-inch / 27-inch height distribution for the monitor and keyboard tray placement puts the two most vital components of this desk squarely within the acceptable height range of the average-sized user; monitor height can be further adjusted for comfort.
  • Wheels and a modest 35 lb. assembled weight allow even smaller users to move this Techni Mobili desk around their home or office with ease.
  • A 19.5″ x 28″ work desk area w/ under-slung keyboard makes for a spacious, ergonomics-compliant work area that will let you work for as long as you need to in comfort.
  • Assembly is super simple! All the parts (including the screws & fasteners!) are labeled and all necessary tools are shipped in the box. When it comes down to it, you probably won’t even need the instructions!
  • Got some mega-huge fax / printer / scanner / copier / french fry maker / all-in-one office machine you need to fit on this desk? No sweat!
  • Smaller standing desk accessories (ergonomic mats and such, for instance) could fit quite nicely into your Techni Mobili MDF Standing Desk environment.

The Cons

  • If you’re looking for something to help your office transition to a standing desk enthronement, you’ll want to stop and think about the overall vibe of your workplace. Are you a startup or a law firm? This desk will do the job, but there’s no denying its role as a budget solution, and some places just aren’t on board with looking like they have to go with the MDF-based option.
  • In an age where toddlers are using iPads, the included CD rack attachment that ships with this desk seems like a wasteful anachronism. You can choose not to equip it, of course, but what if you order this desk in bulk? Fifty or sixty of these things lying around will make quite the mess!
  • There’s no space for dual monitors on this desk, so coders, day traders, and other professionals who rely on such setups will need to find an alternate solution.
  • Some users have reported rather alarming size discrepancies between the pictures supplied by Amazon and what they actually receive post-order.
  • Some users have reported weak / flawed structural designs that result in a less than sturdy end build. It remains to be seen whether this is the result of manufacturer error during the manufacturing process or user error during assembly / improper use.
  • It can be quite awkward to move this desk over carpeted surfaces if the carpet is even a little deep.
  • Returns can be difficult to execute in the event of warranty-related issues.
  • Unlike its competition in the medium-spec and high-end standing desk markets, you won’t find any integration with the cloud, Bluetooth, or even the Internet itself. Indeed, there’s no technological integration of any kind used in this desk – it’s a completely non-powered solution.
  • On a related note, there’s no cable management routing to be found anywhere in / on this desk, which seems somewhat lazy.
  • Larger standing desk accessories may not be usable with this desk.


Well, there you have it – a soup to nuts review of the Techni Mobili MDF Computer Cart! Thanks for reading. Best of luck with your shopping decision. In the meantime, remember to stay tuned to for more tips, tricks, and standing desk reviews!