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The ThermoTread GT under-desk office treadmill is exceptionally quiet at just 42 db while moving at 2 mph. The control panel is an attractive color touch screen and easy to use. This treadmill is build from the ground up to be an office treadmill and so it comes with some excellent features. You can add this treadmill to any desk order or buy it for the desk you already have.

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The ThermoTread GT doesn’t pretend to be a dual-use office/gym treadmill. While that’s a great marketing concept our competitors like to promote, our engineers know that you just can’t have your cake and eat it too. The ThermoTread was designed just for office walking. We made the top speed only 2.5 mph, and ideally geared its high-torque drivetrain (rollers, flywheel, pulley, etc.) for office walking speeds, with a massive 3.0 horsepower, 4000 RPM DC motor at its core.

Two wheels positioned underneath the motor housing make it easy to slide the treadmill underneath any adjustable-height desk.

The ThermoTread is quieter than the least-noisy competing treadmill base (the LifeSpan TR-1200), by a whopping 5 decibels. It’s shorter, lower profile and built with more reliable componentry than any other walking base on the market.

The ThermoTread GT is the only treadmill desk base on the market that uses a touch-screen LCD.

This treadmill base is UL certified to never exceed 2.5 mph. Virtually all treadmill injuries happen at much higher speeds, either through mishap or through cardio exhaustion. No injury claim has ever been reported at this sub-walking speed limit.

Before activating the treadmill, our console requires the user to click off on a liability waiver “click wrap,” just like they do when using the GPS navigation system in their car.

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Additional information


3 HP, 4000 RPM

Noise Signature

42dB at 2 mph


400 pounds

Speed Range

0.5 – 2 mph


147 pounds, Controller is 1.75 pounds


67.5" x 28.4" x 9.5"


3 years on motor, 2 years on parts, 1 year on labor


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