Standing Desk Prices

When you weigh up the pros and cons of the possibility of switching from your workaday sitting workstation to a Standing desk, you find that the advantages of using one unequivocally override the disadvantages. From back pain relief and polished posture to improved productivity and general health and wealth, you surmise that the transition should, nay must be made.

In this article we will now take your wise decision and begin to look at the different types of Standing Desks available on the current market and their costs.

Of course, as has already been discussed, you are more than welcome to fashion your own Standing Desk by way of utilizing various office paraphernalia such as books, chairs, benches and shelves. But should you have that extra bit of currency clotting up your bank account then the following, perhaps more stylish, options are available.

Price tag shows that Standing Desk prices vary depending on quality and features.
Standing Desks range in price from a couple of hundred to a few thousand, this page aims to help you make the right decision for you.

Most Inexpensive

Beginning at the cheaper end of the Standing Desk spectrum we have the standing desk converter which utilizes your existing desk and is adjustable in height, basically just accommodates your computer monitor and keyboard. Products like the Ergotron are rather compact meaning that it can easily be relocated should the need arise.

Another option would be the VARIDESK line of converters each of which would be an ideal piece of equipment for those who are looking for a great sit-stand workstation.

Bit More

If your budget is slightly higher you could go about looking into the GeekDesk. This breakthrough in Standing Desk designs allows you to effortless adjust the height of your workstation by way of an electric motor. Should you feel slightly fatigued after standing for a lengthy duration than the simple process of pushing a button will lower the desk and allow you to sit until your legs and feet have recuperated, or maybe you’d just want to reduce the height in order to indulge in a much deserved cup of coffee or a bit of lunch. The GeekDesk is available in two frame sizes, three top sizes and two top finishes. We might even go as far as to refer to it as The Mercedes Benz of office equipment. Extending to a height of 49 inches and being able to reduce to 23 inches, the GeekDesk would see you working as and how you want with a mere flick of a switch.

The prices for the variations of this desk start at an economically friendly $749.

Much More

Going further up the spectrum towards the comparatively dearer Standing Desks offered, we can find a wealth of designs to choose from at Steve’s Station.

Starting with the Elevate Adjuster which is probably one of the less expensive desks available and we learn that it is again adjustable by means of the barely audible whir of an electric motor and is able to not only increase and decrease the height of the workstation but also alter the degree of the actual work surface. The height range is 27 to 53 inches which are ideal for both sitting and standing. The desk is available in two widths, 48 inches and 60 inches, so you are able to choose according to your requirements.

The Elevate Adjuster is exceptionally strong not to mention being easily relocated due to the 4 inch locking castors situated under each of its legs.

Another of Steve’s Station’s creations is the Elevate II, a standing desk which can also be easily adjusted to the height at which you desire to work at with the push of a button. The Elevate II is able to lift 250 pounds without batting an eyelid. So should you choose to perhaps spend alternative hours standing and sitting you don’t have to suffer the anxieties that the desk will cough and splutter under the weight of your workload – in fact I dare say you could sit on the desk and have it raise your very being. A robust affair indeed! The Elevate II is available in two lengths and depths to accommodate your needs and also boasts a selection of work surface finishes.

Should you require a somewhat larger workstation then look no further than another of Steve’s Station’s designs, The Elevate Corner. The outstanding feature of this particular piece of office furniture is that it’s, for want of a better word, big! It is able to support up to 300 pounds of weight and again can be adjusted to sitting and standing heights by way of a motor which stoically modifies the elevation.

The Elevate corner is 72 inches wide and 72 inches deep, and the adjustable height ranges from 27 – 53 inches. It is an ideal item of office equipment should you have a large quantity of books, binders, computers and printers to store.

Despite its large size, The Elevate Corner is actually very simple to relocate should the need arise. Under each of the legs are lockable castors which will see you freewheeling your impressive new Standing Desk from A to B with minimum fuss and physical exertion.

The prices of the Standing Desks at Steve’s Station range from around 1000 – 3000 dollars.

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Image: Flickr / Mark Moz