Increased Productivity With A Standing Desk

Back in ancient Egypt when the pyramids were under construction, although there were at that point no such beasts as high-rise office blocks, you didn’t tend to see the laborers sit down at a makeshift desk made of stone and high-density chunks of dessert, mulling over where they should put the next block.

A sign with the word productivity written on it emphasizing that Standing Desks help a person become more productive.
Using a Standing Desk will make you more productive. Read how.

Going a little further back and we’re presented with the old adage Rome wasn’t built in a Day. Now this is an undisputable fact, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the creators of said empire weren’t slouched into a computer monitor trying to beat their previous best at solitaire when the order to go was given.

Whichever way you look at it, things, be they mental or physical tasks, are achieved with a greater speed and efficiency while standing upright.

And this very notion applies to the office environment.

When you are sitting down at your workstation, as you have done for the past few months, years, or God forbid, decades, your levels of productivity would be a mere shade of those should you be standing up.

Standing up in an office?

What a bizarre concept, I hear you muse.

We of the office ilk, plant our backsides firmly on our seats and swivel inanely a good portion of our day. Our productivity levels are perfectly acceptable, thank you very much. Ok, granted, so we miss the occasional deadline and fall foul every now and then to extended periods of lethargy during which we achieve absolutely nothing apart from upgrading our status on Facebook: “Falling asleep in the office”, but by in large, we feel we do a satisfactory task.

Interesting! But in terms of productivity you are definitely lacking somewhat. If, however, you were to substitute your chair, yes, your poor chair that almost visibly cringes every time the shadow of your ever expanding backside looms ever closer, for a Standing Desk, you would soon find that you will become a tapestry of productivity. Your boss or subordinates will be left in awe as your work rate remarkably increases, your spouse will thank you for the thrice annual vacations you’re able to enjoy due to your new found motivation and therefore steadily growing bank balance, and you will feel, most importantly of all, a new found spring in your stride – your quality of life in general will greatly improve.

Such promises, I once again here you ponder. How could merely switching from a conventional sitting workstation to a Standing Desk offer me such benefits?

The answer is actually very simple.

When you are sitting for long periods of time, as is typical of most office environment employees, your body and therefore your brain can become stale. You find yourself subjected to all manner of physiological and psychological ailments; back problems, obesity, decreased blood flow and general fatigue are just a few problems you may experience after slumping into your workstation for prolonged periods of time – and these simply do not promote efficiency and productivity.

Should you however opt to stand whilst in the office by utilizing a Standing Desk, all of these potential afflictions can be alleviated and therefore increase you work rate.

Following are five reasons why Standing Desks will not only improve your productivity and work rate in general, but your general quality of life too.

  • A new entry at number 5. Back pain. Does your back hurt? Are you finding it hard to concentrate on the mountain of paperwork your boss has just allocated you, due to the pain? Get up and out of that chair! Roll it across the office floor and banish it from your life forever! When you use a Standing Desk, it will ease back pains, promote a stronger and more muscular back and eradicate the risk of any future problems.
  • At number 4 we have the dreaded lethargy. Sitting down for long periods of time, using only your brain and giving nary a thought to your limbs, will invariably make you feel very fatigued. And, what use is a semi-comatose office drone? So, get up, stand up – stand up for your rights!
  • Remaining at number 3 is weight loss. The larger you are the more prone to illness you become. And let’s face facts here – you aren’t going to be of much use around the office if you’re laid up in hospital being diagnosed with diabetes. Burn those lunchtime calories off by way of using a Standing Desk! Statistics show that people who use Standing Desks burn more than a third more of their caloric intake than of those who use conventional sitting desks. You’ll look better, you’ll feel better and your productivity will improve dramatically.
  • At number 2 we have increased blood flow. The quicker the blood circulates the more alert you will become. When bent over at your conventional sitting desk, remaining stationary for the better part of your working day, your blood circulation markedly decreases which can lead to fatigue, a lack of motivation for your work and even depression. Once again the Standing Desk comes to the rescue! While you are using your Standing Desk your circulation will improve as will your productivity levels.
  • At the number 1 spot is an improved mood. Gone are the days of sprawling with lethargic melancholy over your sitting desk, unenthusiastically going about your working day. With the Standing Desk you will feel rejuvenated, invigorated, more approachable and sociable in the workplace and generally a happier and more content employer or employee.

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