Jaswig My First StandUp Kids Desk Review

Standing desks for kids are catching on big at private and public schools, early learning centers, and now homes. Kids like to move and Jaswig has created a desk that lets your kid do just that. Since its adjustable it will fit your child perfectly and as they grow the desk can grow with them. Watch the video review to see it in use.

Jaswig My First StandUp Kids Standing Desk Review Summary

NotSitting.com Product Rating: 3.7 / 5

Standing Desk for Kids
Standing Desk for Kids
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The Jaswig My First StandUp is made by the same folks who brought you the Jaswig Nomad also reviewed here on NotSitting.com. This desk is simple to assemble, sturdy, fits your kids, and looks remarkable. This is essentially the same desk as the Jaswig Nomad, just smaller. There is just enough space for your kids to work, draw, or do homework on the surface. As you can see in the video review, my son put his marker set on the floor behind the desk when he was using it. When he wasn’t, this was in the storage area below the desktop.

Typically sized children from ages 5 to around 13 will find this desk is the right height for them. From that point on the Nomad or Nomad Extra Wide might work best. Be sure to consider your child’s height before ordering a desk for them.

For information about the parts, features, and specifications see the Jaswig Nomad review.

Creative Ideas for the My First StandUp

My_first_StandUp_front_1024x1024This is a really cool desk and having one sized for your kids is great for their level of activity. Here are some ideas for how to use it.

  • Coloring table
  • Drawing or sketching table
  • Homework table
  • Lego table (though there aren’t any edges to hold the pieces up)
  • Practice podium
  • RC Quadcopter or helicopter launch pad


Please take a minute to let me know what you think of this desk and other great ways you can think of to use it!


Thank you to Mathias from Jaswig for providing a sample of this desk so I could show you assembly and how kids really use it!