Five High-End Standing Desks to Put the Snazzy Back in Your Standing Workflow

Standing desks are hugely popular. A year or two ago, no one other than eccentrics (and perhaps a few college professors with a literary bent) had ever heard of them, but now they’re everywhere! Schools, offices, even military bases. The power of social proof coupled with scientifically verifiable health benefits has skyrocketed the fame and popularity of the standing desk to the forefront of our culture. If there’s one major drawback to these furnishings, though, it’s their aesthetics. The bulk of the products on offer to consumers are drab, utilitarian affairs that simply look too bland for their own good, especially when you consider how much some of these standing desks cost. So, what’s a style-conscious guy or girl to do? Why, read this blog post, of course! We’ve assembled a list of five standing desks that simply ooze style, sophistication, and savoir-faire – in other words, tools that have every bit as much stylistic pop as functional power. Curious? Great! Just keep reading to learn more.

The Artifox 01

artifox01If you’re looking for something that’s stripped down such that it’s almost Shakeresque in its styling, this is the standing desk for you. Designed to get you started with a bang, this desk’s waif-like profile comes with a ton of value packed in. For instance, there’s integrated cable management, a selection of nooks, crannies, and pegs to hold your various bits of tech and workplace devices in their optimum position (clutter stays out of the way even as workplace-critical items like iPads get held at perfect viewing angles), and an integrated writing surface that’s built directly into the desktop. Oh, and the manufacturers manage to make about 95% of this desk out of solid maple from their Saint Louis, MO factory. Neat, huh? Just don’t expect this desk to come with outside power or any kind of adjustment capability, because you’ll be disappointed if you do.

Manufacturer: Artifox
MSRP: $2,200 USD

The EvoDesk

This standing desk’s position on this list is questionable at first glance, but once you get it set up and under routine use, you’ll see why it’s here. While its rather blasé brushed metal finish leaves it looking a lot like other run of the mill standing desks, the EvoDesk is what might happen if the “build anything” philosophy behind IKEA or Lego had a baby with the quality standards of Porshe or Apple Computer. Want your EvoDesk to come with speakers? No problem – slap a pair of high-end Harman Kardons into the desktop (they’ll integrate such that they present an elegant, flush profile) onto the finished build, and you’re ready to go! Ditto for accessories like treadmills, push-button programmable desk adjustment systems, and more choices of desk peripherals (arms, top types, frame colors, and more) than you can count. The price you pay at checkout will vary widely based upon your personal configuration, but base configurations start in the $400s.

Manufacturer: EvoDesk
MSRP: $599

The Rootbase Ergo

The Ergo is another standing desk for which looks are deceptive. After all, you can’t get any more standard in terms of appearance than what you see when you look at one of these desks, yet as with the EvoDesk, it’s the high-end hardware and the performance it offers that secures it a place on this list. I mean, which low or mid-range standing desk can you name that studies you over time, learning your habits and preferences and adapting to them to better suit your needs? As if that wasn’t cool enough, this Rootbase model has an integrated pad built into the desk surface for all your charging needs, integrated speakers, and of course, plenty of hooks for hanging your stuff in unobtrusive but handy positions. As luck would have it, the Ergo also happens to be the perfect entry point to the world of luxury standing desks; its MSRP of $499 USD is the lowest on this list.

The Stir F1

stir-f1Are you someone who has to have the top of the line item in a given category? You know, that guy or girl who, if they’re gonna drive a car, is gonna bloody well roll up to the grocery in a Lamborghini? If that’s you (or if you wish it could be), then the F1 is for you. This standing desk from Stir, Inc. is opulence defined. In fact, I’d go so far to say that this is the standing desk’s answer to those giant executive seated desks that used to be the ultimate symbol of professional status and respect. Made of 100% hardwood, metal and glass provide tasteful accents and necessary support. On the inside, the F1’s software will teach your desk how you move so it can respond accordingly. It’ll also pull updates off the Web just like your PC. As you’d expect from a desk with built-in software like that, your F1 will sync with a bevy of devices, from your computer to your iPad – you can even get your FitBit in on the fun! Be warned, though – all this bling doesn’t come without a catch. In this case, it’s just what you’d expect, namely a hefty dose of sticker shock. The Stir F1 carries an MSRP of $4,190 USD.


Well, there you have it; your guide to luxury standing desks! With any luck, you know a little more now than you did before you read it. Thanks for reading!