Famous People With Standing Desks

Many of the great minds and thinkers have been inspired to pen their finest pieces or make ground shattering decisions whilst utilizing a Standing Desk. Indeed while slumped into a conventional workstation, one might find it slightly harder to become motivated enough to initiate that ‘Eureka’ moment as you sit engrossed in an unproductive game of solitaire while making sporadic sorties to the coffee machine in order to give you the necessary perk to continue with your dross work day tasks.

Standing up while working, on the other hand, could place you in the same league as a great many of the foremost intellectuals of the ages who managed to summon their brilliance from the benefits of the Standing Desk.

Famous Standing Desk users.
Many of the worlds greatest minds use Standing Desks to increase their creativity, productivity and health.


Starting with the entrepreneurs in the multi-billion dollar enterprise of Facebook and we learn that their offices are now equipped with over 350 Standing Desks with requests for 5-10 new ones per week. The Facebook team have obviously become aware that their productivity and creativity levels are heightened with the use of the standing facility and the increasing number of people using the hugely successful social network suggests that they are doing a fine job indeed. Mark Zuckerberg, at his tender age, obviously has a highly pragmatic approach to getting the very best from his workers.

Sir Winston Churchill

On a slightly different end of the spectrum of world dominance we have the British Prime Minister during the trying times of World War Two, Sir Winston Churchill. While pondering a suitable means of halting the Third Reich in their tracks he wasn’t slouched in an armchair, chewing on one of his omnipresent cigars, no, the British leader was bolt upright at his Standing Desk writing motivational speeches and hatching tactical methods which would see the whole country and indeed world unite – ‘We will fight them on the beaches’ wasn’t a speech provoked by sitting on the lavatory. The man was known for his stalwart posture and sitting down while working on a strategy to defeat the Hun could possibly see the lion’s share of the world’s population goose-stepping to work.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Just to put things into a little more perspective for you, arguably the greatest mind of all time was also a user of the Standing Desk. If Leonardo Da Vinci; painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, inventor, engineer, anatomist, cartographer, geologist, botanist, writer and all round great guy, was a user of the Standing desk, then surely it makes sense to follow suit. The Mona Lisa’s knowing grin wasn’t conjured as a result of Da Vinci having been slumped in his favorite rocking chair, you know!

Ernest Hemingway

Next on the list of famous users of the Standing Desk we have Ernest Hemingway, a writer of many critically acclaimed novels and one of the foremost investigative journalists of his era. Still held by many as one of the most inspiring novelists of all time, Hemingway used the standing facility to his benefit and let his creative juices flow like a whitewater river.

Other famous users of the Standing Desk include:

  • Virginia Woolf, an English writer considered as one of the foremost modernist writers of the twentieth century.
  • Thomas Wolfe, a major American novelist of the early twentieth century.
  • Vladimir Nabokov, an American novelist who was born in Russia.
  • Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States of America.
  • Donald Rumsfeld, former U.S Secretary of Defense.
  • Charles Dickens, generally regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian Period and creator of some of the most famous fictitious characters.
  • Michael S Dell, an American businessman and author.
  • Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.
  • Christie Aschwanden, a prize winning freelance writer who has written for the New York Times.

All in all, you’d be in pretty good company should you opt to use a Standing Desk. If you are one of the few that are already standing, make sure to take a look into a standing desk mat, it should make things more comfortable!

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