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Corporate, Government, & Education Accounts

At NotSitting.com, we know that you have specific requirements, that you want dedicated support, and that you need product quotes fast. We’re dedicated to helping you create the workspace that is right for your needs and your staff. To get started, contact us so we can start talking about your project, questions, and needs. We’re really friendly.

Corporate Accounts

mobile-ergonomic-stand-up-computer-workstationAt Not Sitting we have direct experience with the products we sell so we are uniquely suited to customize our service and products to your needs. Whether you are buying 1 workstation, outfitting an office with monitor arms, or moving in to a completely new office building we can support you. From research to collecting quotes to working through procurement we are here. To get the conversation started fill in the form below.

Need ideas? Here’s what others have done at their companies:

  • Treadmill desk gym
  • Standing desk and chairs
  • Sit-Stand adjustable desk toppers
  • Phased dual monitor stand roll outs
  • Leaning chairs for agile stand-up rooms
  • Ergonomic reviews and accommodation

Government Accounts

Ergotron WorkFit-S

Not Sitting assists government buyers and organizations with all types of office furniture procurement and space planning. Local, state, federal, and other government entities are all supported and we work carefully through your research, quote, and procurement process. Use the form below to let us know what you need.

Need ideas? Here are some government projects with our products:

  • Operations center 4x monitor stands
  • Ergonomic accommodating workstations
  • Library workstations

Educational Accounts

Techni Mobili Multifunction Computer CartSchools, colleges, and universities have unique needs for sourcing furniture and follow a unique procurement process. We work with local, state, federal, and private educational facilities to provide the information and support you need to get through product selection, funding approval, and the purchase. Get started by filling in the form below so we can help you fill your labs, classrooms, offices, and libraries.

Need ideas? Here are some educational projects

Non-Profit Accounts

Non-Profits have special needs and need the best pricing so they can put their funds toward their programs and not their overhead. We get this! To find out more about how we can help you use the form below to contact us with your needs or questions.


To learn more about our products and services and how they can meet your unique needs please fill out the form below.